Thursday, March 5, 2009

BOOM- Awake At Two AM!

I had trouble getting to sleep last night. I have a lot of volunteer type stuff I'm signed up for right now and I was trying to make sure I am remembering everything. Spring is always like this. Anyway, I finally get to sleep and about an hour later I hear a door slam. I know it is Ty coming down the hall. He enters our room and BOOM-slams our bedroom door! He then starts to climb into our bed then retreats and heads for our bathroom. I hear him coughing. I wait. He turns the bathroom light- on, off, on ,off on again. BOOM- Slams the bathroom door. He goes to the bathroom, flushes (hooray!) and comes toward the bed. Although I was trying to pretend I was still asleep, at this point I have to say something because he has left the bathroom light on. Groggy old lady voice, "Ty, the light." He turns around and turns the light- off, on ,off. He climbs in bed between Jason and I. Cough, cough, cough, cough, knee in my back, cough, cough, elbow in my back, baby kicking and awake now inside me, cough, cough. Now, I have to get up and get some medicine for him or none of us will sleep. Groggy old lady voice. "I am going to get you some medicine, stay in bed." I get up and head for the bathroom. As soon as I'm up, I  have to go to the potty. I sit down-relief! Then I stand up and feel a wet sensation on my bottom. Ty had not lifted the seat so now I have his pee all over me- YUCK!  You have got to be kidding. I grab the first thing I see and dry myself off.  I hang it back up then realize it is Jason's hand towel- you know, the one he dries his hands on and wipes his face on after he brushes his teeth. I grab it and throw it on the ground. Towel on ground in our house is the inter-familial signal that you don't want to touch it- it either has throw-up, snot, poop or pee on it. I laugh a little to myself at this point thinking how funny it might have been if I had been so out of it that I had actually left it hung there. But, I can't do this knowingly. I find the medicine, walk back to the bed, give some to Ty and climb in bed. I actually get to sleep until 6:30am. Please know that at one point, somewhere before two kids, when sleep wasn't like gold, I would have taken a shower or a sponge bath to clean off. But now I am way beyond thinking this is gross. I have seen too much!

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Anne Ericsson said...

You make me cry with laughter...Love you sleepy head.