Monday, March 16, 2009

Three Weeks to Go til Baby!

There are very few pregnancy pictures of me this time. Actually, the only ones that existed until today are on my sister's camera. So, I took control and asked my son Luke (age 9) to take some pics of me. He did a very nice job, I think. He got Ty to do this- soooo sweet. 

I like how my butt is up against a dark background so you can see how big it is. I also like that I am looking down at Ty so you can't see my triple chin. Some recent comments from strangers-

Check out lady at Ralph's-"Wow, you are ready to pop girl" 
Same lady- "It is definitely a boy"
Person at church- "Are you sure there aren't twins in there?"
Woman at preschool- "Wow, you look tan. Where did you go?" 
This comment was due to the "mask of pregnancy" I get. The pigment on my face changes to brown. At least I look like I've been having fun.

Most common questions are:

 1) When are you due?   Answer- I am scheduled for a c-section on April 8th. I have realized that every one's birthday is in April. Very common month.

2) Do you know what you are having? Answer- No, I want it to be a surprise. This creates a lot of responses. Some people are irritated that I don't want to know and others love it. Most just decide that they know without a doubt what I am having. I wish I had taken a poll from the beginning, but right now it seems to be half and half. In the beginning it was all -"It is a boy." Then in the middle of my pregnancy, it was all- "It's a girl." I think this is because my rear end was widening. Now, I am getting a lot of boy guesses again. We will see in about three weeks.

I'm supposed to remember to go back and tell everyone who has made a prediction whether they were right or not. Hmmmm, not thinking that is going to happen!

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Kathleen said...

I was talking about your blog in Bible study and telling the girls, "life is really hilarious once you are out of the situation and ever get the chance to write it down..." Reading this always makes me laugh...
The comment I got a lot when pregnant with Jane was, "Did you mean to get pregnant?" or "Do you know how to use birth control?" I always wanted to be able to do those really quick karate chops to the neck that would take the person down, knock them out, but not kill them, then walk away with my head high whenever I heard those. God did not give me those skills.
Keep blogging. I'll blame my laugh lines on you.