Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Brothers

I have heard mamas say many times that they would like another baby, but that their kids are big now and they can't imagine going back and starting over with an infant. This is something I thought about when Jason and I talked about having a fourth baby. The thought of diapers, waking up again in the middle of the night, terrible twos in restaurants, toting around a diaper bag, and all of the large plastic paraphernalia that goes along with a baby is enough to make you think twice. 

But I have to tell you that I am totally, without question, loving having a baby with "big kids". It is so much easier than having multiple children under the age of five. With that, most of the time you are in survival mode. I remember those days. However, with this age difference, it is a complete joy to watch these big brothers love up on "their baby" as they call him. There is also one major BONUS- they are very helpful. They can't wait to hold him and help take care of him. 

Luke, my nine year old (sporting some hat hair) is giving Vance his first bottle. Hooray! Vance took the bottle with no problem and Luke loved having this special responsibility. 

Ty, my four year old, knew Vance's name when we were all calling the baby "Ty" on accident. He would walk into the room and say (in his very loud voice), "Where's Vance?" At school, he loves to ask all of his friends, "Want to see my baby?" He absolutely loves this baby. Sometimes a little too much. He is kind of like a giant puppy, not totally in control of where his limbs are going to end up. We have to do some slight protecting of the baby from all the love Ty wants to show him.
Jack, my eight year old, is ready for bed here and wanted Vance to lay down with him for a little bit. Vance tried to eat his shoulder, but we called it a kiss goodnight. 

It is such a blessing to watch them love their little brother. I also think there is something in how their care for him that is maturing and building character in them. I am delighting in that!


Lena said...

thank you for the nice comment. my oldest kids love the baby as well... very cute picture on how Ty is holding the baby!

Buddy and Krista said...

so sweet! they adore him! sooo precious :) when is vance coming to germany? i think he needs some bratwurst. mmmm....

Michelle said...

THAT IS SO precious! I have found that it gets easier too. THe more older ones you have the easier it gets. So you need a few more.

thanks for visiting my blog.

I'm gonna spend some time over here as time allows today, so look for comments and stop me when you've had enough!