Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Before I had Luke, I was terrified of breast feeding because I had heard horror stories about dry, cracked nipples. It still makes me cringe to think of it. That is love for a mama to keep trying in the midst of such pain.  I don't know if I could. Because I am huge on getting as much information about everything as is possible and I like to research, I took class and read up a lot about it. The woman who taught my class said something I never forgot, "If it is hurting you, the baby is not latched on right. It should never hurt." This was freeing for me and took away my fear.

I know that a lot of women struggle with this so I want to be sensitive to that.  There are three things that helped me have success with nursing my babies and I am going to put them out there just in case they can be helpful to other mamas. As with any baby advice, I know that all babies and situations are different. 

The first thing is Lansinoh. It is a lanolin cream in a purple tube. Buy it before you go to the hospital and put it on your breasts after each feeding.  This keeps the skin soft and supple. The second thing is the latch on. The baby's mouth needs to be super wide, as big as they can get it (like a big O) when they latch on. Then it does not hurt. The third thing is to know with certainty that it should not hurt. If it does, get help from a lactation expert. 

Jack was the only one who didn't make it to a year. He was very impatient for the let down. He would pull off and scream. This we made it through. He was also a biter. This we did not. I'll never forget when he bit me so hard that I took him off, held him up and looked him in the eye and said, "That was your last time!." And it was.

Vance took to nursing right away, but I had to release the suction with my finger many times and make him open his mouth wider until it didn't hurt. He is doing great and pooping and peeing up a storm.  This gives me peace that he is getting enough nourishment.

I am amazed by my own body that it can provide perfect nutrition for another human being. I love nursing him because I feel so connected and close to him. I know it is strange to those who have never experienced it, but there is nothing like it. I don't have words to describe the beauty of it.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Nursing amazes me too......Hope you will stop by and meet our little miracle, Jack.

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed nursing my babies,too. With my firstborn, I was young, and didn't know much, so I weaned her when she was only 5 months old. Which was my deepest regret. My second child, was also a very impatient boy, and we had quite a journey with him, but I stuck to it, and nursed him until he was two. My third little miracle, is over 5 months, and I love nursing her. I love the freedom of going places with her, and not worrying about formula, and if I will have enough. Whenever she is hungry, all I need is some bit of privacy.