Thursday, April 30, 2009

Showing Up

When Jack was three and in the hospital following his seizure, I first realized how important it is when people show up. There was an outpouring of prayer and love for our family that truly overwhelmed me. To me, the love others showed to us was a tangible taste of God's love.

Sometimes when we hear that something tragic has happened to someone we know or we see someone struggling with something, it is hard to know what to do. We think- do I know them well enough to stop by? am I bold enough to go pray for them? should I call? would I be intruding? I'm sure their family is taking care of it. A lot of these thoughts are based in fear. These are thoughts that would run through my mind before our family endured our own trauma with Jack. 

My answer is this. Even if the people suffering are merely an acquaintance- SHOW UP. People need you to show up. Earlier this year, there was a family at our school who had a son who suffered a very traumatic brain injury. I didn't know them very well, I didn't know what their beliefs were and I wasn't sure how they would receive me. But, I felt compelled to go to the hospital and into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit to see them. I talked to them for a little while about their son and how he was doing. And then I prayed for all of them. It was powerful, but not because of me. I was just the vessel that showed up. Others showed up too- the school community showered them with meals and help. This sweet teenager has recovered and is back to school. 

I have also been abundantly blessed by people showing up since I had the baby. People keep asking me how I am doing and I am able to say, "great" only because I have so much help. My mother in law stayed the first week and cooked, cleaned, did laundry and took care of my other children. My mom and sister took turns driving my kids to and from school, cleaned and have done my laundry. I have been showered with gifts for the baby, even though I refused to have a baby shower. My friends and church family have brought delicious meals for our family. My son's teacher even brought us a meal and last night we had a very special treat. 

My friend Shellie and her husband own one of our favorite steakhouses Damon's. She brought us five filets, garlic bread, their twice baked potatoes and their famous salad. I actually brought out real plates (not paper) and we had a nice dinner, pretending we were out to eat. So, I am giving a plug for Damon's. If you are ever in Glendale, check it out. It is a great restaurant that not only has good food, but also does a tremendous job serving the community.

I am grateful for all of the care and kindness everyone has shown us, even in my blogging friend's loving comments.  Thanks for showing up.

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Liz said...

Such a good post! I am always fearful about "showing up" and this has just amde me feel better...I guess I won't really ever know how I affect others, and I think that is ok. I can hope I do/did make a difference. Maybe the best difference is in oneself.