Thursday, May 7, 2009


I am walking in circles today.


I am walking in a circle in our house over and over- entry, dining room, living room, entry, dining room, living room.

I am wishing that each circle was a lap around the track and that each 4 laps was a mile so a little more of this baby weight would melt away.

I am walking and rocking and patting a sweet little bottom, trying to induce sleep so I can take a shower.

And as I walk I am noticing flaws. Sometimes I notice the beauty, but today I am noticing flaws-

a cobweb hanging

paint that needs to be touched up

dust on the table

a chip out of the drywall due to one child ramming something into it

a window cracked due to the neighbor's bee bee gun

little white spots on the baby's face

a dirt smudge up high on the wall, way too high for the boys to have reached unless, of course, they had actually climbed the walls

my own increasing odor

the Easter decorations I haven't put away yet

Some days we notice the flaws...
in ourselves
and in others.

Some days that noticing turns into criticism. I think to myself- I'm glad the older boys are at school so they don't have to deal with my flaw noticing capabilities because sometimes I am way too gifted at noticing and pointing out flaws-

what's that on your face?
this is terrible printing.
why did you miss that ball?
how did you get so dirty?
why is this room such a mess?
that was really selfish.

So, I walk the circle again. Where is the beauty?

I have a dining room
I have a living room
I have an entry room
There are no toys in these rooms
We actually are blessed to have children who have toys in every other room in the house
I like my paint colors
This baby is beautiful and almost, yes, almost asleep.
All of this lovely furniture was provided for us by family
That is a pretty vase
My super hottie husband (yes, he reads my blog and really is a hottie) built all of this.

And don't they say that flaws add character. That my home, my children, my family, and even me-would just be so boring and not quite as beautiful without the flaws.

Aren't the flaws part of what make us unique and real?

I wonder if I can then notice the flaws and beauty not as separate entities, but rather as reliant upon each other. If we don't see the beauty, then we just see the flaw. And if we don't see the flaw, then we just see something that isn't real.

But, if we see both... then we see truth.

And what can be more lovely than truth?


Farmgirl Paints said...

Love that post and it's so true. There are so many days that I do the exact same thing...notice all the imperfections. Life, people, possessions etc...none are perfect but it's the flaws that make them real and that makes them beautiful. It IS like one big giant circle! Thanks for the great thoughts.

Lena said...
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Lena said...

you have a newborn, so its too early to think about losing the babyfat, you still have plenty of time. i like this post, its so true. it is always easy to see the flaws, but we need training to see the beauty..

Rae said...

Thank you so much for this insightful post! I can't wait to learn more about you!!! So glad to meet you!

Kelly's Ideas said...

you have a lived in home...that means to me you are a hands on mom that rather be with her kids and keeping the cobwebs off of them with you love and attention.. There will be time for housework...but soak up the beauty of know.. You are an incredible mom.... God bless you!