Saturday, May 30, 2009

A New Name

I am renaming Hottie Husband. This is not because I no longer find him extremely attractive. It is because after that really nice post that I wrote about him (he hadn't read it yet), he went and did something really crazy. 

I have to tell you that there is a ridiculous amount of baseball that goes on around here. As I said yesterday, he loves to coach the boys teams. What I didn't tell you is that he is currently managing three teams. That means three different practices each week in addition to the two games each for the two regular teams. The third team is a Tournament Team that will play this summer.

Anyway, all of this is not what bothers me because I really love baseball too. I love watching the kids play and the boys love having their dad coach them. Also, he takes all three of the boys to practice so it gives me some time at home just with the baby.

But, we also watch a lot of Dodgers games. They are on almost every night and all the boys love to watch the games. So, like I said, a ridiculous amount of baseball. 

Last night he decided that before he left for baseball practice, he would record the Dodgers game so he could watch the whole game when he got home. I found this to be a little over the top. I mean, it wasn't a playoff game or anything. So, to the point of this post. He will hereby no longer be referred to as Hottie Husband (which was a bit boastful on my part to begin with).

I am officially renaming him Mr. Baseball.

On another note, I will be announcing the winner of the blanket on Monday.

Happy Weekend!


Buddy and Krista said...

boo...I liked Hottie Husband. I think it's adorable that you called him Hottie Husband and it always cracked me up when I read it. Maybe you can rename him Mr. Hot Baseball? Or even better Mr. Hot Ball (kinda like Hot Dog). Totally kidding--just havin a lil fun here in ol Deutshland. Have a wonderful weekend!

Transparent Mama said...

Maybe he can gain his name back after baseball season ends. For now, Mr. Baseball is sticking. Although I do like Mr. Hot Ball!!! Hilarious!

Misty Rice said...

Love your blog and wanted to say thank you for the very sweet offer and comment. I will be emailing you here next. You have a beautiful family and I know all about being a baseball widow. Not only does my son play travel baseball, but husband is obsessed with the Yankees and there is a game ever day. LOL

He is lucky he is also Mr. Hottie Baseball himself...and that I love baseball too.

God Bless.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I call my husband hottie all the time too. I think it's so cute and I know I would love to referred to as a hottie:) On my blog I refer to him as honey. I don't really call him that in real life, but it seems to fit in blogland. Mr. Baseball is cool too.