Thursday, June 25, 2009


I went to the mailbox today and found this letter from our local water department. At first, I thought they were just letting me know about the new "Orange Alert" but I guess it has been in effect since June 1st.  It was a reminder for me about the new regulations.

Then I thought, "Oh no! I got caught!"

I thought it was because THIS was our first summer activity on Monday!

Someone must have witnessed this wacky mom letting her kids stand on top of her SUV and actually wash her car! 
Side note- my kids have never done this before and actually said, "You can wash your own car mom?"
I guess not!

Then I looked closer at the notice and realized that someone had reported us the week before for some water run-off. Hmmm, we were not sure what that was about. But, apparently we can only water on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you may NOT wash your car, you may not clean or fill any decorative fountains and you cannot put any water in your pool.  We have unknowingly been  breaking all of these rules. 

I hope they don't think I was blatantly thumbing my nose at them by my car washing display. Now, they are really going to be after me!

I guess this normally rule abiding citizen is causing some problems because I also got a notice that the gas meter reader has not been able read my meter for the last four months due to fear of Destructo Dog! 

Who knows what I'll do next!


Stacie said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a beautiful family! And, while you may get in trouble for washing your car - it looks like your kiddos were having a blast.

I'm now following you!

Anonymous said...

hey that looks like fun, but my kids would fall off and require trips to the ER so I cant risk it, LOL

Farmgirl Paints said...

Don't ya just hate when stuff like that happens? It makes you feel bad and you didn't even know about it!

Love your new header by the way. Your blog looks really cute. Have a great weekend.:)