Monday, June 22, 2009


Somebody rescue me!
Something is taking over my house and it is relentless.

It keeps coming...

and coming

and no matter what I do

or how hard I try to battle it


and even when I think I am gaining ground, it likes to linger in places around my house,
reminding me that it is the true victor, and acquiring more strength with every meal, spit up fest, baseball game, baseball practice, diaper blowout, drink in hand, basketball game or roll in the grass.

There will be no surrender!
I will fight this battle to my dying day!

And I will have a secret weapon against it.
I will take each piece of clothing that I fold and I will take that time to pray over the person who dirtied it to begin with. I will give thanks over the tiny little baby clothes that Little Bear wears. I will smile over the very dirty variety of uniforms that Toots so expertly soils and pray for his safety. I will look at the massive amounts of food and drink that Jackie Boy somehow gets on his clothes and pray that he will be healthy all the days of his life. I will take Mister Luke's nearly already clean shirts, who it seems just yesterday were the size of Little Bear's, and I will ask that he continue to have good friends who love him.

 I will take the clothes of my husband and I will pray wisdom and strength and joy and health over him.

Then I will look at all those darn socks and pray that they will all turn their socks right side out before they put them in the hamper!!!!!!!!!!!


Sandy said...

Omg! I knew when I saw just the first couple lines that you might be talking about the laundry! That's how I always feel. Your pictures and writing are great!

Lena said...

You are so funny! My laundry is always all over my house as well. Thats a great idea at praying for the family members... I love that.

Silena said...

Hillarious and yet so true, Thanks for the advice!