Friday, June 12, 2009

*Spring Cleaning*

Even though it feels like winter in So Cal right now, it is actually Spring and quickly approaching Summer. That means it is time for some Spring cleaning, right? Can you just hear how excited I am?

We finally have a baseball free Saturday tomorrow so we are going to have a YARD SALE! Last time I had one, I said I would never do it again. But I'll show you why we must have one and soon. 

Here is all of our junk (scratch that)- umm stuff!
Don't worry- the baby isn't in that bassinet.

We have this great walk in attic so every time I have needed somewhere to put something- there it has gone to live. Unfortunately, not in such an organized fashion.

Here is where I am sorting it all out.

The problem is that Mister Baseball and I have different ideas about this whole yard sale thing. You see, his logic is that if it is in the attic, nobody is using it and therefore it should be sold or thrown out which would leave us with an empty attic. He loves to throw things out.

So, as he is taking everything downstairs for me to sort, the kids are saying, "I don't want to sell that" and he is like, "Everything goes!" They come to me in a panic, "Mommmmm, Dad is selling all our stuff." My response, "Let me handle it. I'll fare much better than you."

As you know, just because something is in storage, does not mean it will not be used again. My main argument when I pointed out the things we need to keep was that we just had another boy. Therefore, some of the things he would like to sell, we will just end up purchasing again in the future and it will cost us more money.  Good one, huh? 

I must end this post because I need to get through more of our mountains of random things by tomorrow and Little Bear is still napping. 

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Anonymous said...

Thats a good point about the boy things, you need to keep those until your baby is too old for them. But throw out everything else, you'll feel better and will lose five pounds. Yes, off your body! I saw a book called Does this Clutter make my butt look fat? And I am assuming because I dont want to read the book, but I'm assuming that means, throw out clutter and lose weight. See how easy is that?
ha ha