Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Months Old

Little Bear is officially two months old today. And this is how he is feeling about it...

And this is why he is feeling that way about it...

He had to have his first shots today! Poor little guy. He woke up perfectly happy as usual and was smiling and cooing at me and then I went and gave him this wonderful two-month birthday present. Two Tazmanian Devil band-aids- one on each chubby little leg. 

It was like he knew what was coming in the doctor's office and took the offensive before shots were even mentioned. His brothers must have warned him about it though because while he was being weighed on the scale, the tissue that was so precisely placed by the nurse on his naked body, went flying through the air followed by a stream of pee.  The nurse darted her head out of the way just in time, while I rushed in, placing my hand in front of the warm stream, using it as a shield. She looked at me, breathless, and asked, "Has he done that before?" Apparently, this isn't a common occurrence in this office. I just shrugged, not really thinking it was a big deal. I was actually thinking, "That had to be a pretty strong stream to shoot that tissue through the air like that." Another proud moment for my sons!

This little guy has packed on some pounds. Here is a picture of him exactly a month ago.
Here he is today, five pounds heavier than he was seven weeks ago, weighing in at 13 pounds.
He napped for a while, then nursed and still felt like this.  Stinkin Shots! He is really such a happy, easy baby so I will show you some pics of him smiling as Jackie Boy played with him a few days ago. 

I am so thankful for the gift of this beautiful, easy-going, sweet, smiley, cooing, voice-recognizing, voracious eating, powerful streaming, mellow, cuddly boy.   


Anonymous said...

Your boy is so precious! Love the pictures and congratulations on 2 months of handling four boys! You are a saint, I have trouble juggle two boys and giving them the right amount of attention. Take care and thanks for sharing. Amie

Anonymous said...

Ah be careful with vaccines, if you can get them spread out and singly, do so. There have never been safety tests for vaccines to be grouped the way they are right now. I recommend a book by Dr Sears called The Vaccine Book. Dont be lulled by the fact that your older kids did "just fine" with vaccines, because they give way more shots to babies now than even just five years ago.
My kids have each had 22....I know I only had a handful...the 2 yr old across the street has had 37....i think its out of control really. I'm not against vaccinations, I am all for them..separately and with thought.

Anonymous said...

oh, baby is adorable!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

What a little sweetie! I'm so glad those days are past... my babies always hated shot days. But the upside was lots of cuddling after, which I don't get nearly enough of anymore! I love the little rolly legs. So sweet.