Thursday, August 27, 2009

California Fires in My Backyard

Today there is a fire raging in the hills behind our home.

The fire department just called and said it has burned 250 acres, but no structures are currently threatened.
We should remain alert and calm.

And I thought to myself- yes, alert and calm AND ready to rush out of the house with my children, dog and all of my important documents.

This would include grabbing my computer and therefore the over 12,000 picures that are on it.

These were taken on my way back from a doctor's appointment.

We live at the foothills of the mountain from behind which the smoke is coming from.




This one was taken earlier in the day, but very near our home and even closer to my sister and Hottie Husband's grandmother's house.


And this one was taken from my mom's driveway, a few blocks below us.

As you can see, they are using aircraft to fight the fire and they are trying to keep it from coming over the ridge. We have seen large flames come over at times and then the planes fly over and put it out.

It is amazing what these firefighters do, especially in this 100 degree heat!

We now have giant helicopters with hoses hanging down circling our house.

The boys are waiting for them to swoop down
and suck the water from our pool!


Brooke said...

How scary! I just couldn't imagine finding that in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself and family, saying prayers for you all and the firefighters fighting the fire and risking their life and their families as well.

Foursons said...

Wow! I'd have my van packed and ready to go at a moment's notice. My scrapbooks and laptop would be the first thing packed too!

Leslee said...

Hang in there Mama!

Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading! Love your chocolate lab (right?)!!

Bless you for Mothering 4 boys!!!

The Rambler said...

That is scary!! I'd be packing the car and heading for...somewhere far away. (I'm the inside panicky type but calm outside type).

Those pictures are incredible.

Stay safe!

Valerie said...

Remain calm, but ready! (Easier said then done, right?!)

Bless you Californians who have to deal with these incredible wildfires. Such a scary situation for the residents and fire fighters out there!

We almost left Kansas City for Grass Valley, CA (in the Sierra) in the early 1990s. My hsuband and I drove out there for him to interview with the Grass Valley Fire Dept. Although northern California is beautiful, it just wasn't the right move for us. The thought of my husband going from suburban fire fighting to forest fire fighting, un-nerved me!

Alas, I am "stuck" here in the midwest, but only for a few more years! Then we are off with our little ones to explore greener pastures (both literally and can be awfully hot and dry in KS!).

Keeping you and your loved ones' safety in my thoughts and prayers tonight,

Farmgirl Paints said...

My cousin lives out there in Simi Valley and they had them get really close last year too. I can't even imagine the panic that has to come with that.

I pray protection over your house, belongings and family members!!

Sande said...

Not nice ... but aren't things like this great for perspective. Makes it evident what you really treasure. Sometimes it takes some scary moments to actually figure that out.

New England Girl said...

I hope everyone is remaining calm and safe... And I hope these get put out soon! I know it's a horrible situation, but wow- your photos are incredible! Up here in NE, we really don't understand - at least, fisrt hand -the severity and heartache of these sorts of things. I am sending hugs and thoughts your way.