Monday, September 28, 2009

Boyz at Play!

I know you thought I only had four boyz, but I actually have six. I will always claim my sister's twins. It seems like I was just in the room with my sister when they were born into this world, one a bald, stiff and crying, the other with dark hair that would soon turn blonde and eyes that were very swollen.

Now they are teenagers and I still want to eat them up.
They came to play yesterday and

play they did!


and there was laughter

and smiles


and sillyness
and some tackling and wresting that boys can't help themselves for all the money in the world not to do


which led to some tears


and more wrestling and yelling, "Don't wreck my new shirt."

and some loving of one's conquest.

And that's the gift.
They are cousins who love each other like brothers.

And very soon, this little guy is no way, no how
going to be left out on that kind of fun!


Sista In Arms Lxx said...

So much fun and laughter, something you never get tired of watching, precious. Lxx PS The pics are great

Farmgirl Paints said...

That's great. What a great bunch of kids. Looks like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

New England Girl said...

What great photos! I always wanted a big family filled with boys... you must adore the laughter and love that comes from these play/wrestle sessions. What a handsome set of boys! :)

Jeff and Mindy said...

Fantastic shots of the boys!

Liz said...

Gotta love boyz!!! They are so full of energy and life...

Your poor boyz are going to be known everywhere...I feel like I know them already.

When my boyz are older I will need some tips on what to do with them...I will be a callin!

Lauren said...

I claim my sister's kids too! I love when cousins are friends!

Foursons said...

Boys really can't NOT wrestle. It's something in their blood I think. I love that you enjoy them being boys and all that goes with it.

Anne Ericsson said...

Great Pictures of my grandboys!!!

Gina said...

Bitter sweet... I'm so glad I let them spend the night... On a school night!!!! ;) Pix are amazing! i love it!

Angela said...

lol, that's a lot of boys. I bet you don't need to shred or workout with so many boys keeping you busy. :)

I have a very quiet/shy boy but he's still the wildest one in our family.

Laura said...

With all those boys there has GOT to be a lot of action around there! They are all so cute, and how fun to be so close to cousins!

Stopped by and wanted to say HI, love you blog!

Jennifer said...

I love my 4 little warriors, especially when the biggest boy gets involved, dad. They were playing touch football in the backyard last night until it got too dark. Poor dad is so sore today. Thanks for sharing the cheerful pics. Young boys are the best of all "warriors"

DolceDreams said...'ve gotta love them... And I love mine! What a great group you have...thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll be back to visit :)

Synergy Girl said...

Hi there!! Saw ya at SITS, and thought I would drop by...little did I know you had so many boys!! We too have four kids...for is a girl though, and we think number 5 will be a boy...but we will find out in another few weeks! What a fun post, and boys just make my day!

B said...

What a lot of fun! I'm glad I don't have to referee though ;O)