Thursday, September 3, 2009


Yesterday, the flames had died down and there was this feeling that everything was going to be close to normal soon. We went to the movies, the boys had some friends over, school was still cancelled due to the fires, but we knew it would begin today. So I was letting them have some fun, knowing homework was right around the corner.

Hottie Husband came home around 5pm and went out in the backyard to do something. He poked his head in the back slider and said, "Have you seen MJ (aka Destructo Dog)?" Ummm no, I don't think I have seen her since this morning. I remember her being inside, but then I thought she was in the backyard, that one of the kids had let her out.

We walked the yard and house calling her and a pit began to form in my stomach. This was not a new experience for us. Our first two dogs had gotten out of the yard and a year apart had each been hit by a car on our street and killed. Neither driver had stopped. It had been devastating each time. Both incidences had happened at twilight, when it can be difficult to see.

Now, I was looking outside at the still smoke filled sky and the orange sun making its way to the horizon and thinking No No No! Let her be okay. Let her come home tonight. Let someone call. She has her collar on, right? I should have checked on her earlier. Should have let her in, even with all the friends visiting. Please, please, please. I cannot take this again.

Hottie husband and the two oldest boys jumped in his truck and went looking for her. The baby woke up from his nap, crying in hunger. I searched for anyplace she might be trapped in the house. As I fed the baby and explained to Toots what was going on, I got on the computer and started to make a flyer. I e-mailed it to my mom to print because my printer was not working. She called immediately, worried for me. As we talked, Hottie Husband called. I clicked over.

We've found her. She was at the Sheriff's Station. Thank God for the checkpoints (due to the fires). The boys came home and told me the story of our wayward dog. Apparently, a woman had seen her and taken her to the sheriff manning the checkpoint where IDs are checked and only residents are allowed in. Her id tag had fallen off so she was taken to the Sheriff's Station. They had given her a bath because she was covered in ash and was overheated. Poor girl! Who knows how long she had been out? She had run around the station like crazy, so excited to be with all of the officers, so they had named her "Flame."

Toots kept asking, " What did she do? Why was she arrested? Why did she go to jail?"

Well, because she ran away, of course!


Liz said...

Potentially devastating crisis adverted! Big sigh of relief!

Helen McGinn said...

Oh my gawd! The poor wee thing. I love that your lad asked why he was funny! And you know he will never tie a knotted hanky onto a stick and run away to seek his fortune; the police will come and arrest him too!

I'm glad it's getting back to normal, albeit slowly. xx

Éimí (Amy in Gaelic) said...

Thank the Lord you found her!!! I'm glad that things are starting to calm down for you. thanks for the comments on my blog they mean alot...send me your email address to munchkin.amy{@} and I'll add you to my personal blog {it has to be private due to my husband being in the military}

Foursons said...

So glad you got her back! Love that she was nicknamed Flames. Awesome.

Farmgirl Paints said...

So glad you got her back...whew! Have a great long weekend Brigetta. You all need a nice rest.

Anne Ericsson said...

Just think, She almost ended up being the mascot for the Sheriffs's department. Glad that wild and crazy girl is back home where she belongs! Mom

Mel Heth said...

Oh my gosh - like you need any more stress right now! It's weird how sometimes disaster-related stuff (like fire checkpoints) can save us from other disasters. I'm glad she's ok. And that was awfully nice of them to give her a bath!

Brooke said...

How scary! I'm glad she is doing okay and that you guys found her!