Monday, October 5, 2009

A Day In Beverly Hills

I know I am supposed to be telling you about Montana, but I'm gonna talk about Beverly Hills instead!

When I was little, my mom would take my sister and I down to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and we would go eat at this little restaurant called The Cheesecake Factory. It was the very first Cheesecake Factory which opened in the late seventies. It was long before the very large versions of this restaurant sprouted up in the malls and fancy shopping areas in Pasadena, Marina Del Rey and Newport Beach.

We would dress up, eat like queens and order whatever flavor cheesecake we wanted. It was fabulous. My mother has always looked like she belongs in Beverly Hills and she knows that town well. She would walk us down Rodeo Drive and take us into the fancy shops. I especially remember one with a big black and yellow awning, but the name of the store escapes me right now. Mom- if you remember, please tell me in a comment!

Then she would drive us around and show us all of the homes of the movie stars. She was like our own "Tour Guide Barbie." It was great fun!

Last Friday, I went with two of my best pals- Heather and Jen- down to Beverly Hills. It had been years since I had been down there. We ate at an Italian restaurant called Il Pastaio. Heather's friend, who is married to the legendary Bernie Taupin, originally took her to Il Pastaio for lunch. She has since seen David Schwimmer and Brigitte Neilson there at lunch time.
They do not take reservations, but we arrived right at noon and had no problem getting a table. The tables are very close together. I had Little Bear with me in his infant carrier and it was a little difficult navigating through the small walkways without bonking anyone on the head, but I made it with only one casualty of a waiter backing into us.

The restaurant is not stuffy or snooty at all. I was glad because I despise places that think too highly of themselves. As I walked back to the table, I heard a woman, who was within inches of me as I sat down with Little Bear- gasp audibly, sigh and then say, "Oh NO!" Now, I wasn't sure what her deal was so I looked straight at her. She was looking at Little Bear in disgust.

Then Sour Disgusted Face said, "Is he a good baby?"

I replied- No, he is a bad, bad, bad baby. He will soon unbuckle himself from his seat, grab your knife and run around screaming with it. But, since we are asking personal questions- are you a good woman?

Don't you wish I had really said that? Me too!!

But, I didn't. I just said, "Yes, he is a good baby!" and I sat down. I know my kids and what they can handle and this little guy did great. I do regret not making a snide comment to her when I walked out about his fabulous behavior, but some sweet girl next to me was complimenting me on him. My only solace is that maybe Sour Disgusted Face overheard.

Aren't you dying to know if I got to see any celebrities?

As soon as I walked in, before meeting Sour Disgusted Face, Heather slyly pointed out that Larry King was eating lunch with his wife. Here is his picture.


Not to be confused with Don King!

I tell you this because when I told my sister about seeing Larry King, she kept talking about his hair. So, the picture is to avoid any unnecessary confusion.
I saw Larry King, not Don King.

I did try to be sneaky and get a picture, but I was a little nervous about looking all paparazzi so I now give you a very small version of the back of Larry King's head.
See it right there between Heather and Jen's heads. He's in the middle.

And here is a really horrible close up of that shot.
I know, it wasn't Brad Pitt or anything, but it was sort of fun to see someone famous.

After my fabulous lunch of Farfalle with salmon and pink sauce- so yummy- we walked down the street and headed for a cupcake shop.
On the way, we saw this place, which did not look like it belonged in Beverly Hills, but we had to take a picture of it for our good friend living in Germany.
You know who you are Fraulein.

my arm is scaring me!

We suddenly realized that we really needed to head back to pick up our yunguns from school and didn't have much time, but there was no stopping us from getting to the cupcake shop.
Heather with her beautiful hair marched before us, nearly running in her heels to make it to the cupcake store. I was laughing, thinking it was so funny that we were running blocks in Beverly Hills for cupcakes.

It should be a new slogan- RUN FOR CUPCAKES!
Hmmm, that might actually motivate.

Poor Jen had expected cool weather and was wearing tights with boots. I also couldn't stop laughing that she actually had tights on and it was in the upper 80's. Anyway, we made it. Here the gals are really studying the cupcakes. And that guy behind them- I found out his name. I actually saw his name on a cupcake bag and then asked him his name. Guess what it was?
You probably don't remember Little Bear's real name from way back when he was born.
But that was this guys name.
And this guy and I.
We commiserated over that name.
And here are the goods.

This one is Red Velvet

But, I took a bite of Heather's and hers was the best- Vanilla on Vanilla.
Jen got the Chai Latte which was also quite delish!

And here we are at the famous SPRINKLES.
The running was worth it.
Eating cupcakes with great friends after seeing Larry King and running five blocks in heels and tights.
It just doesn't get any better than that.


Sande said...

Ah .. You'll be telling your grands about that day. Perfection is met expectations and sounds like all yours were ticked plus some.

And that lady.Maybe you should have confessed that your baby was born just to make her life miserable considering that everything is about her. ... lovingly.

Buddy and Krista said...

okay, that made me laugh--esp the pics and explanation of larry's hair vs. don's-- but now i'm sad. boo hoo. i miss my friends. the german pic does make me feel a tiny bit better, but i am sad right now. nevertheless, GREAT post. i will read it again and again so i can pretend that i was with you. ;)

Valerie said...

Aaaah, cupcakes, friends, babies...and Rodeo Drive. Really, could life have been any better that day?

But yes, I am DYING to hear about Montanta!!!

New England Girl said...

What a perfect afternoon. :) It would have been a more memorable one had you made a snide comment to that very rude and awful woman. What a brat! I definitely would have said something, or maybe just given her dirty looks throughout lunch. Either way, you once again beat me with your impeccable manners and grace. :) Lovely photos!

DolceDreams said...

You have brought a big deja vu for me...Nothing like Rodeo Drive! I heard that there are alot of "trashy" shops down there though now, and did I hear something about MacDonalds? Il Pastaio is one of my favourite restaurants, pretty close to Italy.
And Sprinkles...YUM! Gotta love that Red Velvet...

Anne Ericsson said...

Honey, The name of the store on the corner was Giorgio's. All the Movie Stars used to buy their Gowns and Suits for the award shows from this store. The paparazzi used to be outside waiting to get a photo of someone famous....They were more discreet at that time. Regarding one of the comments about hearing that there were some trashy stores on Rodeo Drive now, NO "trashy stores"! Still a very sought after street for Haute Couture and high end shops. It's a great place to see and be seen....

Farmgirl Paints said...

My friend Missy and I come to LA every Feb. Last year we ate at the IVY. We saw someone from Desperate Housewives. We were all so cheap with lunch, we tried to just order soup and they told us there was a minimum order. We were soooo embarrassed:)

My favorite cupcake in the world is that red velvet one you showed from Sprinkles. That was definitely worth the walk and the wait. I can only live vicariously through you!! Do they have a Sprinkles in Montana??

Lauren said...

Giorgio is the name of the yellow and black awning store.

What a fun outing! I really wish you had said something snooty to that woman! But it probably would have gone right over her head.

Muthering Heights said...

That sounds like SUCH a fun day!!!

Brian, the old man said...

Priceless. I have never been there but would like to one day. It sounds like you had a marvelous time. It would have been great if you had said that to sour disgusted face. I pray for people like that. She obviously needs them. Hope you have a nice day. I enjoyed reading this article.

Irish Mammy said...

This is too funny!! I have tears in my eyes laughing - especially at the fuzzy picture of the back of Larry King's Head. You should do photo drama professionally - you would make zillions!

The cup cakes have me drooling but I have today (yet again) started a diet so not a good thing to see and drool over...........

Thanks for the laughs!!

Irish Mammy said...

Forgot to add I met Sour Digusted Face in many places here as well. Especially she or he pops up on airplanes!

We should have a support group for SDF's and come up with exceptionally witty retorts to crack their faces into smiles!

Foursons said...

Wow- what a fun day! And Sour Disgusted Face lady needs to have some cyanide dropped in her afternoon tea. What a beeeeotch!