Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My boyz are getting BIG!

Five years ago yesterday, I was at Chuck E. Cheese with a bunch a five year olds for Mister Luke's fifth birthday party. That night we had family over for another party. My feet ached that night. My belly felt like it was going to drop to the ground. The next day I gave birth to Toots! He was supposed to wait until the 15th, but Chuck E. did me in!

So this week has been full of birthday celebrations, baking, shopping, wrapping, and happy birthday singing! Very bad singing- we are horrible- I cringe when we we sing Happy Birthday, but don't tell anyone.

Mister Luke wanted a cell phone. He has actually been asking for one since second grade. What is up with that? Normally, he would have had to wait until sixth grade. However, he has this great argument that since we are moving, it would be great for him to text his grandma, aunt, cousins and his friends who have cell phones. Yes, yes, the guilt of ripping him out of his school and away from his great friends was enough to get me to say yes!What do you think of giving a ten year old a cell phone?

Toots is so excited to be five. We had his party last Friday and every day he would ask, "Am I five yet?" Yes Toots! Today you are five! I am again overwhelmed at the passing of time and how I cannot cling enough to each age and its joys.

Happy Birthdays beautiful boyz of mine. You are the filling of my heart!




Valerie said...

Happy Birthday, Mister Luke and Toots! Wow...10 & 5...those are both big, important birthdays!

I've been out of town for a few days and so I just now read Montana Part 1...I'm hanging in suspense...like you planned!

Hope all is going well, including pitching, sorting, packing, etc.!

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Happy Birthday to your boys! They are such handsome young men.

Angie S said...

Such handsome boys!!!

I'm not sure about the cell phone thing. Layla is only 4, but I'm thinking by 10 she will be ready for one. I want her to have one with a GPS so I know where she is every second. LOL!

Happy Birthday!!

Liz said...

My mom (a 5th gr math teacher) would say that Toots is now a prime number! And of course, I feel the need to carry on such a nerdy tradition! Plus how cool is it that Mister Luke is double digits!!!??? I vividly remember knowing that I turned double digits. OH so much fun!!!

We are in the middle of planning our boyz birthdays (both in Jan - with Daddy deploying before that - we are lumping up a celebration)...and just lik you, I can't believe how big they are getting! Who said they could grow up?!?

New England Girl said...

Happy Birthday to both of your handsome boys! They must make you so proud. :)

Lisa Anne said...

Happy Birthday. My son has had a cell phone off and on since he was 7. that's because he splits time with his Dad and his Dad never answers the phone.

Anne Ericsson said...

NO CELL PHONE....Grandma says just stay here!! Ok.... since you are leaving anyway the cell phone is fine! Happy Birthday to two of my beautiful grandsons..Mom/Grandma

Foursons said...

Awww...Happy Birthday boys!

Sande said...

You both must have real slow January's to have all those birthdays now .... :}

DolceDreams said...

Boys are the best!