Thursday, October 29, 2009

What to Wear

I'm packing- really I am!
You can even ask Hottie Husband.

If you can find him.
But he is probably riding his mountain bike on what I am now calling his three hour tour.
He is a man of leisure I tell you!
Now that he has finished up his jobs and is looking with eyes set to the North- He is a MAN OF LEISURE! Pronounced- lezzzzure!
He is also helping me A LOT with the kids- taking them to school, helping with homework, doing puzzles, reading books. But don't tell him I told you. Cuz then I can't tease him about being a man of lezzzure on a three hour tour.

So yes, I am packing and being responsible about all the things I need to get done- they are taking over my brain and wandering in and out of my consciousness. I am writing them down in order to cease the wandering.

But, I can't seem to get my mind to stop wandering off to the clothes I am going to need. It wanders to boots and jackets and socks and hats and skinny jeans.

I am a Southern California girl from birth- blonde hair natural at one point long ago, flip flops I have been trained by my niece not to call them thongs anymore- it gives everyone a different instant image in mind and skirts along with sunglasses that are always getting lost or breaking. That's me!

I don't know if I can give up my skirts so when I was at Target today, I spied some of the longest socks I have ever seen. Thigh high socks. Like these...
So, I'm thinkin I can still wear my skirts in the Northern land if I wear tights, my super long thigh high socks, a long down coat and some boots! I bought them just in case. I figured if it didn't work for that, HH would probably like to see me some thigh high socks in any circumstance. Shhh! I didn't really say that out loud.

Speaking of boots, my sister loaned me these the other night

for this get up we wore to a costume party.

Don't we just look like we are ready to giddy on up to Montana!

So that got me thinking that I really need to get me some boots. Every pair of shoes I own except for my Uggs and tennis shoes either has an open toe or an open heel. I don't have any whole shoes. They are all little halvsies. Yes, I am surely in need 0f some boots.

Then, I was reading about warm boots and some reviewer just had to mention that the boots look good with skinny jeans. Well, then I just had to research me some skinny jeans. I typed in the words what are the best skinny jeans and then the computer read my body type and automatically inserted for curvy girls at the end of my question. Are they trying to say-Skinny jeans for not so skinny girls? Maybe! Well, that works for me.

Anyway, this not so pencil thin mama wants skinny jeans now because there are certain boots - like the warm ones- that will look good pulled over skinny jeans instead of stuffed under a boot cut.

I'll just need a nice flowing top or big cozy sweater because skinny jeans with a snug curve- revealing top on a "curvy" girl with cute boots would not make a very good first impression.

Want to know the name of the jeans that work for curvy girls according to my research?
It is Joe Jeans- The Skinny Honey Booty!

I just love that- Can't you just hear HH-

I want to wear them just for the name.
I don't know why my font has suddenly changed and NO I can't fix it.

And then I'll turn my leg like that and pout a bit and put my hand in my hair and show off my SKINNY HONEY BOOTY.

Alas, I may never get these jeans and this little ladies curves look nothing like mine but I am allowed to dream.

HH did buy a hat for me the other day. You know, the ones like they wore in that movie Fargo. I'll try to get a picture soon. It'll probably go really good with those socks.


The Redhead Riter said...

Love the pic in the hat. I have a black Stetson and if I wore it here in VA everyone would look at me like I had lost my mind. I figure if I give myself a few more years, I won't care what they think and I'll just wear it anyway...LOL

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh girl you crack me up. You definitely need to go shopping. I could warm you right up. It gets a little nippy here in Minnesota;) Some warm snow boots, cute sweaters and scarves. So excited for you. You are all going on the adventure of a lifetime.

Buddy and Krista said...

oh this brings back memories...i think the funnest part of our move was the shopping I had to do! i now have 3 uggs, 1 pair of super cute riding boots (that you saw on my blog) plus some black ones for dress up. I am also in search now for skinny jeans but for some reason i already know they may not look the best on my not so skinny booty. but i will try. have FUN shopping my friend!!! yeeee haw!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

GIRL. You are gonna freeze in the winter... you better get some Sorel Pack boots. At least that's what we had growing up in Montana... and some long underwear to wear UNDER those skinny curvy honey booty jeans. :)

April said...

Packing, the worst part of moving. Good luck on your adventure, and I love those jeans!

Anne Ericsson said...

Hey Pretty Girl...Look in your unpacked closet. I gave you a pair of brand new Joes Jeans while you were pregant with little bear>


Lisa Buffaloe said...

You are all so cute! I love reading about your adventures. Before you hit that winter cold, buy yourself some CuddleDuds They are lifesavers in the winter.

My husband jokes that in cold weather I wear enough layers that I'm bullet proof. :)

Helen McGinn said...

I'm loving the cowboy/girl look; you're both rocking it! Oh, shopping for new boots etc. is just the business...I love my skinny jeans and boots and usually wear some kind of mini dress with them; love it. Of course, now it's all coats and scarves...better go shopping again....x

JANET! said...

I saw those socks at Target the other day!!!!! SOOO cute!!!

campbell6 said...

So excited for you that your gf gave you those jeans while you were preggers. Did you find them? Do they fit? That would be so much fun. Let me know! oh - and the best cold weather lingerie I can think of would be the thigh high tights and the warm wooly hat!!! Think Beach Boys, "And the Northern girls with the way they kiss, they keep their (husbands) warm at night!" He'll be thinking, "I wish they all could ne MON- TAN - A girls" before long, skinny honey booty!

Sandy said...

Actually you look like you should break into a country duet!