Monday, December 21, 2009

Flying High

I just have a little story to tell you about this photo here.

It was Little Bear's first flight and he had done great the whole way.
He had just enjoyed a late dinner here and there are some remnants on his face to prove it.
The plane was descending into Los Angeles, they had dimmed the cabin lights and I suddenly realized that I had not taken a photo of his first time on a plane. So I reached under the seat and took out my camera.
I leaned back and pushed the button.

Flash, flash, strobe, strobe, flash, flash!!!
Finally, the camera took this super cute picture of Little Bear.

Then a male flight attendant came running back to our 38th aisle.
He stopped at my seat and yelled-

I am so sorry- I didn't know I couldn't take pictures!

Well, I was quite surprised. I mean, they never said anything about no flash photography being allowed.

I thought about asking him if I could take a picture of him for my blog on my way out, but I didn't really want to get arrested. They are a little touchy on the airlines these days- understandably.

Instead, as we exited last with our crew in tow, I apologized for scaring him and told him I had no idea that photography wasn't allowed.
He said- It is an electronic device!


The pilot looked at me and said- it is okay ma am.

I'm still glad I got that picture though.


Buddy and Krista said...

awww...that guy just needed a good ol fashioned TICKLE!!!!! i love what he said "it's an electronic device!" very serious mistake, brigetta. i can't believe you did that. no christmas presents for you, missy. love u friend.

Leslee said...

HA!! Funny story, and I would have totally been guilty of doing the same thing. Someetimes we Mom's loose our minds and go for the cute photo op!!

Glad you were able to secure the shot and did not suffer too much ridicule!

Bet HH was REALLY pleased with you...

Foursons said...

That flight attendant sounds like a whack job to me. Seriously? A fire? Geez. And I don't consider it an electronic device- you can't play games on it, you can't make a phone call, no music in the thing. Hence, no electronics.

Angelica Bays, said...

Electronic Device my eye- he embarrassed himself and took it out on you. What was his name? Report him. Never mind- give it to me- I"LL report him. What a jerk.
XOXO Baby Bear!

denise said...

Funny story. I would've died if you'd asked to take his picture for your blog.

New England Girl said...

Ha ha! You are too adorable. :) I also love this photo and am so glad you snapped it!

Kathleen said...

Can't wait to see the aisle the FBI has on you. Troublemaker.

Kathleen said...

meant "file"

campbell6 said...

I personally feel much, much better knowing that we are all being protected from mama's carrying cameras onto our planes. 'Barney' should get a pay raise.

Life is good! said...

don't you wonder why no electronic devices can be used. if it would really interfere with the landing and takeoff equipment i would prefer they take them away while in flight! glad you broke the rules! cute photo

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love the photo! The flight attendant needs to lighten up a bit. I've never heard of a camera being a problem. Poor guy needs a some holiday cheer.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Sandy said...

Seriously, an electronic device? I doubt it. Sounds like a bit of an overreaction to me. Glad you got the cutie pie picture.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I've never heard that before...geesh a little strict! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Brigetta.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Wow. That never happened to cross my mind either! Kind of funny though...

Happy New Year!

Jenilee said...

oh, I can so relate only it was my husband taking a picture at an airport in Congo Africa... and that WAS illegal! thankfully, an Italian man was able to help us and we didn't get our camera taken or anything worse! it was so scary!