Monday, January 11, 2010


I had planned on writing a post of meaning and depth on this day of my big return to blogland. I had even written most of it and then, a mis-stroke of key and- POOF! - my meaningful, thought provoking post was deleted and blogger sweetly, quickly and automatically saved the newly nearly deleted version. Ahhhhh, technology!

Instead, you will get to hear about the great dilemma of our day which involves the deep subject of toilets and ice-fishermen.

This is what our lake obviously I don't actually own it, but it sits outside every window of this sweet little house we are renting so it has now affectionately become our or maybe my lake ...  anyway... this is what my lake looked like a few weeks ago.



A mirror of beauty-
Breathtaking- yes???

In the last few weeks of days with below freezing temps and some spurts of below zero temps,

it has become this-

which has caused these surprising little creatures to pop up on my lake.


First- I was like- There are creatures on my lake!!!
What are they doing walking on the ice???
So I got out my handy dandy binoculars 
and spied on discovered


that they were indeed human though I suspect decreased brain capacity due to their presence in small huts on the ice for hours on end
and were building little huts and drilling holes and sticking fishing poles in said holes to catch freezing cold fish!

Okay- I will poke no more fun at this silly sport, but as I hinted at earlier, their presence which continued into darkness as indicated by the lights I can still see out on the icy lake, caused us a small concern.

You see, all of our windows face the lake and that includes the bathroom windows.

Here is my toilet.
I know you have always dreamed of seeing a picture of my toilet so brace yourselves for the wonder of it-

The funny thing about this house is that when you sit on the toilet, you sit right next to this


giant window.
It was odd at first for us, but we soon realized that all we faced was an empty lake and nobody could see us.

But, now these little fellers  they do look little don't they? I'm sure they are not this little in real life have popped up on my lake with tents and drills and fishing poles and lights and patience that must never end.
I mean, who really could sit that long on a frozen lake in one place with a pole?

Oh, I forgot, I would make no more fun!
My apologies tiny little ice dwelling creatures.

Can they see us while we squat?
That is the question.
It feels like it when sitting there with the light on next to the huge window.
No real way to know.
I figure that they must be so focused on their little ice hole and trying to keep from freezing to death, that they won't have the time or inclination to spy back at me.

And if so, maybe it will add a little excitement to their sport.

Although, really, how could anything make ice fishing more exciting than it already is?


Anne Ericsson said...

Now that is funny, honey!!!

New England Girl said...

Hahah... oh my goodness!
I hope they can't see you.
Not for their sake, but for yours!
I'd never be able to go to the bathroom in that house again - of course, unless it was dark out and I had the bathroom lights off.
I never understood ice fishing - let alone normal fishing - how much fun can it be?

Buddy and Krista said...
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Buddy and Krista said...

Oh, how i have missed your posts. i am so glad you are back to bloggerland :)! although i am looking forward to your deep and meaningful post that so rudely was erased, i loved your silly post today...made me smile and hope that you don't become a temptation to those lonely (and have got to be bored) ice men ;) Loved the pic of the toilet...just charming. love you mountain mama!

Foursons said...

I doubt they can see you at all with as high up as you are, but I'd be buying blinds ASAP!

Life is good! said...

well if they are that tiny to you then i think you are safe. what a fun new hobby though, watching through binoculars while pottying. no need for magazines. love "your" lake! have a great day!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Your lake is beautiful...frozen or not:) We have those same weirdos here. I'll never ever understand ice fishing or driving a car on a lake. That is pure crazy to me!!! I wouldn't worry about them seeing you. They look pretty far away.

I've missed you...can't wait to read more:)

campbell6 said...

O.K. Brig - we used to live in Minnesota and I'm telling you - don't knock the fishermen until you eat some of their catch. My hubby drove me (preggers with the 1st) north of Minneapolis about two hours to a little dive surrounded by lakes covered with ice fishing huts to feed me walleye. Pecan crusted walleye. Let's just say if the walleye hadn't been the most delicious thing this pregnant woman had eaten in a while he probably would have had to stay there and live in one of the huts....instead it was wonderful and I am now a fan of the Minnesota ice fishermen...or whatever you call them. So yummy.
And if you get caught on your potty, just "smile and wave boys, smile and wave."

Angelica Bays, said...

And your readers are hilarious too! ROFL!!
If you weren't renting I would recommend a wonderful drapery specialist ;o)

Love and Maple Syrup said...

I think you're safe in your "squat"! If you're really concerned... perhaps you ought to try yourself at ice fishing... just to make sure! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics of your lake :) Hard to believe people are actually ice fishing right now, as it's 70 here in So. Cal! (not meant to throw the temp in your face, just to send a little warmth your way!) Go for it, Brigetta!

McMom said...

Haha! We have the ice fishermen in Colorado too. I don't get it either, but my Canadian husband says they do it as an excuse to get out of the house and drink beer!

Leslee said...

HAHA!! My fireguy is one of those crazy icefishermen! Loves it! but can only go when he visitis his brother in MT. If the new tiny little friends on your lake are like my husband, they could care less aout their surroundings - just concentrating on that tiny little hole and their fishing poles.

P.S. Welcome back and your pictures are as always A.MAZING!

Sandy said...

The lake, before and after ice, is spectacular. And that window would make me nuts. During the day I might not mind but at night I would never have the light on in the room.

sanjeet said...

i have missed your posts. i am so glad you are back to bloggerland

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