Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Sledding We Will Go!!!!

After the first big snow in our new town, our boys begged...
Can we please buy some sleds and go sledding, please, please, pleaaaasse!

Because we don't like beggars, we promptly said- NO you little baby beggars!!!!


Yah right. Of course, we went out and bought some new sleds and went in search of a good sledding hill. But, this was no easy mission. They were either too short, too steep, had serious rocks or were being used as a roadway for vehicles.

We finally gave up and just decided to take the boys up to the ski resort where we knew there were some decent hills that leveled out. We were very thoughtful and went up a little after 4pm when the lifts close. We really didn't bother the skiers at all. The boys only took out one small girl in pink on new skis for the first time and ( my child in question was going down for the first time and ended up going backward and felt very bad for the little girl- she was fine), made a few people dart out of the way and only nearly cracked their heads open on the racks for the skis a few times.
It was all really relatively harmless.

However, there was this nagging suspicion I had that there was a sledding place nearby, it was just out of our reach.  

When I inquired of some other mothers this weekend at a birthday party, I was told
Just make a turn at the cemetery, go to the end of the road, down by the railroad tracks to Veteran's somethingerather. 
Yes, I am most assuredly living in a small town now.
Make a turn at the cemetery??

Here is my car parked at the Sledding Spot.
You see the train tracks behind it and Whitefish Ski Resort?
The sledding hill faces the ski mountain if you are wondering where it is.

When we got there, the boys did some serious consideration about this new sledding hill.

It was not to be taken lightly.

It must be studied carefully to be conquered correctly.

This one was thinking the hardest about it.

I mean, it was cold

but he had some amazing air to catch on his sled!

He couldn't let Jackie Boy be the only one flying through the air

and spinning out

laughing the whole way!

Toots actually was the one who climbed all the way to the top and went down first. He flew high in the air, flipped over and lost his boots, then slid down the lower hill. I hadn't gotten my camera out yet, but it was hilarious.
He never did go back up to the top again.
The snow was a little hard and crunchy for that kind of action.
Here he is on a more delicate ride.


Mister Luke loves speed and got going pretty good

and caught a some air, boots flying high


and came down grinning ear to ear.


But then he and Toots tried another hill, and this is how they landed.
Toots came up smiling but,

this face

turned into this face.

Once he got up, he said
That hurt, but it was awesome!
Crazy kid.
He was not so sure about going to school like this, but HH told him to tell everyone he caught some major air on his sled and wiped out. He says the kids are like the paparazzi, surrounding him and asking him about his face. 
He is just eating up all the attention. 

So we left the sledding hill for another day, happy finally to know where to find it.


Brigetta's Mom said...

OMG....Glad I wasn't there! I would have been screaming in fear of my grandchildren:-) even if the were having fun....

Valerie said...

Loved today's post...great sledding pics. But my favorite part..."I am most assuredly living in a small town now. Make a turn at the cemetery??"

When we moved to our small town, I always gave this statement as part of the directions to our house...

"Turn right at the cemetery, to enter our subdivision. If you pass the cemetery and hit gravel you've gone to far." HA!!!

Sounds like life is good there!


Angelica Bays, said...

Go Boys! Go!!
WOW- what great pics! Thank you so much for sharing them!

Foursons said...

Boys are awesome. You got some amazing headshots- you had better locks your brand new doors quickly!

Glad you found the local's hill- sounds like good times are only a turn away from the cemetery!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh those were great pics. Love the in flight ones:)

I hate sledding. We've only went once since we moved here. Isn't that awful? It hurts. Every little bump...we all went home feeling black and blue.

Tiffany said...

Oh, you are one awesome mom! Love the pictures, and am glad your son was not hurt too badly! How fun to be a hero at school for a bit! {grin}

City Girl Turns Country said...

Oh to be a kid... My little one would have loved that..

kanishk said...

I always gave this statement as part of the directions to our house...

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Roo and Wren's Mama said...

I have fond memories of sledding in Kalispell - my aunt and uncle lived there (and in Whitefish before that). I loved going to visit them there - and winter trips were especially fun with all that snow!

Gina said...

AHHHHHH!!!! i just read this to the boys!!! they want to be there too!!!! i'm glad Luke is okay! love to you all and my goodness aren"t you just the little photographer! :) great pix!!!!!

Sandy said...

Great photos! Especially love the airborne ones. You are so lucky that your kids will look into the camera without crossing their eyes or sticking their tongues out.