Monday, February 1, 2010

A Stalker

I have become a hair stalker.

Another thing that happens when you move is that you lose your very trusted, much loved, (in my case) spiritually inspiring, hair stylist. I was able to have her do my hair one more time when I went to California for Christmas. But now, I need to find someone here that I can trust my hair and Mister Luke's luscious locks to. He won't go to any hair stylist but mine because he was once given a bowl cut instead of a surfer cut and it was very painful for us both. 

So, I have been stalking other women's hair. I look at their cuts and color. For a while, I was thinking- oh no, I don't even see any color jobs that I like. But, then I started spotting a few that looked good.

These ladies all probably think I am crazy- staring at their hair and all!

I almost asked one woman at the ski lodge the other day, but she was drinking and laughing with a bunch of other women and I would have felt weird interrupting.

Hi, forgive me for interrupting all your laughter and fun, but I really like your hair and wanted to find out who your stylist is. Sorry other ladies, your hair isn't looking so hot so that is why I didn't ask you!

I waited to see if she wandered from the pack, but she never did.

Thankfully, we went to one of our favorite restaurants that night where we got our favorite waitress. Her name is Rachel and she is in here early twenties and has great hair. The only problem is that it is not blonde so I could not tell about the color. When I asked her about her stylist, she gave me a number to her stylist and said that she used to be blonde and nobody could ever tell that she had her hair colored. Woooo Hoooo! Sounds like my girl. She also said that this woman cuts her  little brother's hair like Mister Luke's and does a great job.

Then I saw the Grammy's last night and during the Michael Jackson performance, out came Carrie Underwood.

Hmmm, her hair is cute I thought! It is shorter and blonder than I am now.

Would it be totally crazy to go to a stylist for the first time with Carrie Underwood's picture and say...

can you do this?

What do you think? Should I have her do my hair once before I start asking her to make me look like a picture?


Heather said...

From a blog stalker (me) to a hair stalker (you) :). GO FOR IT!!! I'm a hairstylist and nothing makes me happier than when a client comes in wanting something fresh and new AND brings a picture of what they want!! A picture says everything... just make sure you specify how MUCH more blonde you want to be. You will be pretty either way!! Heather

Buddy and Krista said...

You are so cute asking for your bloggy friends advice :) 1st I would ask HH his opinion--esp. about going that blonde...he'd probably like it. It'll be more $ to maintain I think b/c then your roots will look darker faster but if it's your heart's desire to do it and you can afford the upkeep, why not :) I think if you know you want that cut and color, go for it now--no reason to wait until she does it a first time. Now if you do this, then you MUST do a blog on it and show a before and after pic! Love you.

Foursons said...

IMHO- I'd go and just get a basic cut to see how she does. If she screws that up at least it is fixable. If you like her you can always go back and get more done.

Tiffany said...

For what it's worth - just do it! I take risks with my hair, though. Forever, I would cry after a cut, but now I have the BEST stylist,and I let her go crazy, and I just love it!

Tiffany said...

For what it's worth - just do it! I take risks with my hair, though. Forever, I would cry after a cut, but now I have the BEST stylist,and I let her go crazy, and I just love it!

Angie S said...

Take the lady always loves me for bringing pics in. Of color and/or styles!

Good luck...I feel ya!

It is so hard to find new people, dr.s, denstists, and stylists. I went through it a few years ago. I just kept putting stuff off...scared to take the plunge. LOL!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I think you would look great with your hair like that. Carrie is just gorgeous! I would be a hair stalker too. It's hard when you move away.

Angelica Bays, said...

Taaaaake da Peeeektuuuuure!
Let her hit a home run or strike out!

Brigetta's Mom said...

OK...Now I love all the blog advice but it's not their hair!

Just keep researching like you do about everything else, and you will soon find the right person.

Next time you see someone with great hair go up and say, I love your hair did you have it done in town? If yes, ask where and who?

Don't give a thought if they are with friends. That girls will just get more attention from her friends when you walk away. Or better yet they may ask you to join them.

They will be so flattered that you asked and you will have made their day too. You may also have made a new friend in town!

Oh forget it! Just fly home to my house, stay with me and get your hair done here!!!! We will both be happy...

Gina said...

Oh Mommmy.... :) Brigetta.... When i saw Carrie come out on the Grammy's, I thought she looked beautiful too! I say bring the picture, go BLONDE!!!! and Cut it!.. You will look STUNNING!!! not that you don't already :) Go for it sister!!! Your hair grows so dang fast anyways lol

Leslee said...

IMHO... I think most stylists love when a client brings in a picture of what they have in mind. They can tell you right then and there is your skin tone/face shape, etc. will work with the cut in a picture!

Go for it :-)

Transparent Mama said...

I love all of your input. It made me laugh and smile reading these. I'll let you know how it goes and give you before and after pics. Thanks so much.

glowingirl said...

This post is what made me want to "follow" your blog. I've been a hair stalker too! We've moved a couple of times and finding a new stylist was always a pain. I'd constantly check out other people's cuts until I found a few that I liked with the same stylist. :) Good luck!