Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking A Stand

This little bundle of cuteness


fresh from the bath here 
is smiling because he did something momentous 
earlier in the evening.

Coaxed by his brother


who was using a car as incentive, 
don't vehicles always motivate men


Little Bear stood on his own.


He reached for the prize


and stood


car in hand!

It is so funny because he started crawling a 6 months and cruising at 6 and a half so I thought for sure he would be walking early. 
I am not complaining. 
He is almost a year old. 
Mister Luke walked at 14 months. I though something was wrong and that he would never walk.
Then Jackie Boy walked at 10 months. I wanted him to go back to crawling.
Toots walked at a year. 
Little Bear will walk in his own sweet time.

But from the looks of tonight...

it is probably not that long off. 


Sheryl said...

sooooo adorable. i am loving that picture of him all wrapped up in his towel. time sure does fly, doesn't it?

MamaMonki said...

Sweet picture sequence. With big brothers to chase I'm sure he's going to be on the move in no time.

Valerie said...

Love are definitely good motivators for men! HA!

Yes, I too have learned after 2 babies that they all learn to walk in their own sweet time. In fact, my pediatrician told me that walking is "preprogrammed" in utero; and while there are definitely things that a parent could do that would hamper gross-motor development, much that we do stimulates brain, eye and hand development, but doesn't really speed up the walking timetable. I found that fascinating.

Mary Catherine was on the long end...about 14 months...I thought I would carry her to kindergarten! Benjamin was right at a year.

Who knows with Baby #3...I'm just gonna go with the flow!


Buddy and Krista said...

oh B, those first two pics of him are INCREDIBLE. he is such a handsome lil guy but boy do you know how to capture him! well done my friend!

Foursons said...

I love that big brother is the one who encouraged him to stand up. Both boys are just too sweet.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I remember this moment in JDaniel's life. It was like watching the astronaunts walk on the moon.

kranberrys said...

Oh Well My little guy is 13 months and just started pulling himself up and cruising around stuff 2 weeks hoping he gets going soon, but enjoying watching him crawl =)

If you are wondering where I came from my mom met you up at Big Mountain in the lodge...she blogs too..."Two Moms of a Feather"

Brigetta's Mom said...

Wow! love the photography...and of course the boys are my heart<3