Thursday, April 29, 2010

At Long Last...

We have a little boy in our house who has loved baseball since birth.

See, there he is...  in my lap... under that blanket...
 nursing happily away while I watched Mister Luke play at age 5. 


This was him the following year.
The first word he ever uttered was not "Da,Da" or "Ma,Ma."




He carried them with him everywhere, threw like a champ and said the word over and over again.


Except when he could play with a little's girl's stroller. 
Then and only then, would the ball be relinquished.


He never paid any attention to the TV until the Dodgers game was on. 
Then, he would sit on the couch and say, "ball, ball."

He grew bigger and got his own shirts to wear like his daddy and brothers.


Said- thank you, thank you daddy for taking me here!
over and over when Hottie Husband took him to a Dodgers game.


And for two seasons he dressed for every one of his brother's games in full uniform.
All except for that missing cleat. 
See how he only has one on that he found in the attic. 
We never could find the other one so he happily wore one cleat and one regular tennis shoe the entire season. 

Well... this last week.... at long last...
he got to play in his OWN game. 

And he sure looked great.

There is some real benefit in sports
to having older brothers
and practicing with their teams.


This was his first at bat.
He eyed the ball and


swung hard


watched it fly to the outfield


started to run, tripped over the tee,
 ran to first base and tripped again on the base.


He still could have made it home because he hit that ball all the way to the fence.
But it's tee ball and they only get to go one base at a time.

The funny this is that Mister Luke hit a home run in his game a few days later and he tripped on third base.

Honestly, they are not running impaired.

See, look at that stride!


Farmgirl Paints said...

So cool for you to see him living his dream. Isn't it grand being a mom!!

Gina said...

This is one kid i couldn't wait to see play ball!!! I cried reading it because i know how important it is for him to finally get to be in his very own team!!!! He is such a good kid and ballplayer. Shoot playing with the boys over spring break he hit the ball over my car and two houses down hitting their front porch. And that was with a 13 year old pitching it to him! I am so happy he is playing. Sad your not here at home, especially cuz my boys ump almost every Shetland game... Miss you girl, So happy for Ty though! He deserves it... he's waited long enough! xoxo little sis :)

donahugh43 said...

So proud of that guy.

the snyders said...

It looks like he will be quite a baseball player!

Farmers Wifey said...

I loved the photos of him growing up.....

Double Wide Mom said...

these are great pictures and you are obviously one proud mama!

Anonymous said...

You're gorgeous~.................................................................

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Wow! Sounds like he was dedicated to baseball from a little tiny thing. Soooo cute!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What great, great pictures...Loved looking at each one....Sunday evening blog hopping.....
Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on late tonight.....
Hope you will stop by.

partialemptynester said...

Love this post on so many levels!!

Also, thanks for your sweet comments:)

Brigetta's Mom said...

I cried over these pictures because I know how much he loves sports and especially baseball. He has been running those bases for so long and not one time until now was it for his very own game!!!! I am so so so proud of him. Thanks for the pictures honey!