Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Photos of Our Life

Here is Destructo Dog. 
But really... she is much calmer now.
She lounges on beds and couches completely spoiled,
is generously fed by Little Bear from his high chair,
enjoys running off leash on trails with Hottie Husband

and likes to chase these out of our yard and beyond.
There were two bucks in our yard one afternoon and I was able to take some pictures.
See the horn nubs on his head.
There is only one problem with DD wanting to chase these guys- dogs can be shot for chasing deer in Montana. We have no idea how to train her not to do it. I can't imagine someone shooting a dog in a neighborhood though.

Here is Hottie Husband holding our sleeping son.
I love this because it looks like he is praying.
He isn't though.
He actually has a book in front of him, studying for a test, closing his eyes to press to information into his mind. 

This man also does cool things like go with our boys on field trips and actually listens to his wife when she asks him to take pictures. 
Look at this cute one he got of Jackie Boy and his buddies.


Here is Toots, dressed up for farmer day at school. He wanted to hold his baby brother who wanted to hold his ball.  
By the way, that ball is the best toy ever.


Little Bear doesn't seem to be able to keep his feet on the ground lately whether held suspended in air by his brother or


stuck in a bucket by his mom


or because he can climb up into a toy and onto the coffee table all by himself now. 

And just because I feel like telling you- I made a photography website- you can check it out if you like by clicking on "Fotos" just under my header. I don't know if I'll do anything with it, but it was fun to make. Have a delightful weekend. 


Brigetta's Mom said...

Brigetta you know as your mom I LOVE ALL the pictures you take and the stories you tell. I absolutly love, love, love your Foto section! All your blogger friends should take a look at it!!!

MamaMonki said...

Love the pics. I think Destructo Dog's long lost brother twice removed lives at our house... being that we're cityish folk though he has to settle for chasing squirrels and birds.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Very nice foto's.
I too love to take pictures...
as you can tell by the posts I make on my blog. ha,ha
You are very talented!
Love ya,

Farmgirl Paints said...

Loved the one of your sweet dog. His eyes just pierce your soul:)

Anonymous said...


Joybird said...

So I love the new Foto website. It's elegant, very elegant. I can't wait to see what God and you do with this.