Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Girlie for my Reunion

I have never been very "girlie."
I was never a tomboy because I'm just not that coordinated, but if it were not for growing up with and being trained by my mom and sister, I would probably never have colored my hair, gotten my nails done or worn anything the least bit sexy. 

When I was little, I remember hearing- you are not going outside with your hair like that.

In college, my mother used to look in horror at my 90's wardrobe which contained men's jeans, various flannel shirts and my Birkenstocks that I used to wear with socks. 
She would say- Why do you have all men's clothing???
(By the way, she wore high heels for my entire childhood)

Honestly, I just never really cared that much.
Friends of mine probably wouldn't realize this about me though- 
this is because I have always had a behind the scenes makeover crew.

They were in full force this weekend, helping me get ready for the reunion. 
It is so funny because even though I grew up in a girl dominated home, I am now so used to my boy dominated home and the total lack of "girlieness."

So between my sister, my niece, my mom, my friend Heather and my childhood neighbor, they made sure I was "put together" for the party. 
Really, we never go to anything where we need to get dressed up so this was kind of exciting. 

The beauty crew did the following-

My friend Heather suggested I wear Spanx only a really good friend would do that. They didn't end up working though.
My sister said I needed a different bra and promptly went to get me one.
My niece brought over a huge array of jewelry for me to try on with the dress.

Here is my sweet sister doing my nails and toes.


My mom is playing with Little Bear here while my sister flat ironed my hair notice the frizz above and my niece did my make up in the bathroom- which is through that door to the right.


By the time they were done, I felt loved and cared for, but I was also a little done with focusing on how I looked. 
I was ready to go and focus on other people.

Here is how we all turned out. 
I think they all look so beautiful and they weren't even getting ready to go anywhere.

Here are some details because I know most of you are girls and like all the accessories too.
This was the necklace my niece loaned me.
 I just love this piece.

Here are my shoes, which are very high, very red, and surprisingly comfortable.
I only own two other pairs of heels, both black.
I thought these would give a little pop to the grey dress and I also thought
it might be fun to own red heels.

I almost don't want to post this one, but it shows the whole outfit. The bracelet is something I found it Whitefish, the ring there is my niece's as are my earrings, which you can't see. 
And the purse was kindly loaned to me by my childhood neighbor Sharon, who has a great sense of style. 
We just knew she would have the right purse.
Thank you Sharon!
It is so funny because while my sister took this picture, my niece was telling me to pop my hip. So that was  my dorky attempt at "popping" my hip. 
It just looks all posy. 

Here is HH and I ready to go.

And here are some of my high school friends.
It was so much fun to see everyone.

I'll have more about the reunion tomorrow, but in the meantime-
Thanks beauty crew- I wouldn't be girlie without you. 


Hattie said...

You look so beautiful! Love the shoes!!! I find it so hard to be girlie in a house full of boys too! Ha!

MamaMonki said...

You look amazing! Can I borrow your beauty crew for my high school reunion? I love the dress and the shoes.

partialemptynester said...

Simply beautiful! What fun!! You must be feeling like Cinderella!! LoVe the red heels!!! The whole ensemble looks great!

beka said...

Oh, you're so lovely!
VERY pretty shoes, too:)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh my gosh girl you look GORGEOUS! They did you up real good:) So glad you had fun. I loved your silky. And all your hard work definitely paid off. You are lookin' skinny!

Brigetta's Mom said...

You know would have done anything just to have you here! You were a hit as always. Mom

Jeff and Mindy said...

You looked great! Glad you had a good time!

April said...

You look great!! And I love the shoes with that dress, great choice!

The Brewers said...

you are stunning, my friend. miss you.

JANET! said...

you look GORGEOUS!!!!