Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going to War

This weekend we went to war.
But, not before putting on our make-up.
It was like girls putting on each other's make up for a dance. But not. 

These boys

were all camo'd up

and ready

for action.

Here is the whole group, ready for their mission instructions.

It was serious business, 
and entailed five acres of battlefield. 

 A battlefield of bushes and trees, 


and Hottie Husband's personal favorite-
porta potties!

 It was the best and easiest birthday party ever. 
All I had to do was provide some snacks and drinks

and a thematic birthday cake.

I told HH that I want my birthday party there too-
maybe when I hit the big 4-oh!


Foursons said...

What a fun party! We're having Jakob's at a Lazer Tag place and he is so excited.

I love the camo paint, maybe I should do that for the boys.

Farmgirl Paints said...

You rock Brigetta. Even I would love that birthday party. I've always wanted to do that. Is that weird?:)

shopannies said...

what a cool birthday party looks like one of those that no matter how old you get you never forget your friends and good times. War paint to the boys is as important as makeup on prom night to girls. I loved the pictures of the little guy as well he is so cute

donahugh43 said...

I wish i could have been there. looks like my kind of party. Toots looks so serious,just like a real soldier. And little bear looks like he is having the most fun.

Brigetta's Mom said...

Oh that looked so fun for all the boys...big and little:-)