Thursday, November 4, 2010

Carving and a Boo Boo!

First, forgive me.
I digress to Halloween.
Last week was a busy mess of my own making resulting in no posts!  
Last year I didn't get to do anything for the kid's classes for holidays because we had just moved.
I was feeling deprived so I decided to be in charge of parties for all THREE of their classes.
Next year, there shall be balance.

Pumpkin carving is a favorite activity for the boys. 
They are finally getting good enough to do a lot of their own work to Hottie Husband's relief.

 Though he does assist in the design and the cutting for Toots.

There was a new helper this year.

He loved scooping the guts in and out of the pumpkins with the spoon 

his hands and even thought it might work as a good
hair product!

After letting him "help" for a really long time, I made him get down from the table, fearful that he might fall.

Not a good idea.

He followed me up to my bedroom, tripped and hit the corner of the dresser.
There was a nice gash. Deep. Bleeding. Lots of screaming.

me- Does he need stitches?
HH- Yes.
me- Everyone get in the car.

Toots was sick to his stomach, feeling like he was going to throw up with worry.
Jackie Boy was talking about how he was going to be okay and talking to him.
Mister Luke was asking if the same thing had ever happened to any of them, if he was losing to much blood, if he could come in to the room and watch. 

It was deep, but it was straight.
I sighed with relief when the doc said it could be glued. He wouldn't need stitches.
While the doc glued it, the kids stood in front of him, distracting him by singing- 
Itsy Bitsy Spider 
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

He smiled and laughed and left the hospital his cheerful self.

We returned home to half carved pumpkins that the boys finished in the morning.

They turned out like this.

 And our other Little Pumpkin
turned out like this!

But he got those fancy balloons and a sticker from the ER.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Awww poor baby. That was a really really nasty one. I can't imagine the stress of all that! Your family seems so sweet to me Brigetta. All of them piling into the car...the older ones singing to distract him...sick with worry. Makes me want to scoop them all up and give 'em a big squeeze:)

PBKISSES said...

Isn't that the way!? He really got a good one didn't he? A day in the life...I hear ya! Cute pumpkins...all!

Foursons said...

Poor baby, isn't that ALWAYS the way?! It for sure has happened in my house and those head wounds bleed A LOT.

Brigetta's Mom said... the life of children!

Valerie said...

Ouch! Glad the little one has so many big ones to smother him with love!


margie said...

Well, and he's got those great corduroy overalls...I miss my boys in those things...however, I'm kind of glad the 9 and 6 year old aren't into them! That's a big cut. Glad he's ok!

partialemptynester said...

Awesome pumpkins!! So glad that your little one is all better!

Leslee said...

Awww... poor little guy! Scars; chicks dig it :)