Friday, November 19, 2010

ROOM by Emma Donoghue

Snow is still falling here.
I watched the flakes pass in front of my bathroom window this morning and realized how accurate 
the snow globes of my childhood were. 
The snow and I are becoming familiar and I welcome its presence.

This is probably because I am a home body at heart and a cold day, snow falling gives me permission to sit on the sofa in front of a fire, a blanket wrapped around me with a good book in a way that the sunshine of California never did. 

I read a lot. 
I have adored stories and books since my first recollection of myself. 
I recently read the book ROOM by Emma Donahue have no choice but to recommend it to you.

It is the stunning narrative of five year old Jack, born in an 11x11 room.
He stays in that room with his "Ma" who he adores until their great escape. 
The subject matter is sad and horrifying, but in the voice of Jack, there is only what he knows. And that is the love of a mother who creates a world of education and love in that small room for her boy. 
You will love Jack. You will love his perspective. 
You will ache for Ma.


PBKISSES said...

I'm jealous- there's nothing more cozy than a snow day! I'm not ready for winter, but I'm always ready for SNOW! Just so ya know, I linked back to your post "A Boy and his Dog" in my post today. I just loved those pics. Have a great day!

April said...

oh, I thought maybe you were telling about YOUR book :) I would love to know what it is about...what did your husband think?

I put this book on hold at our sounds interesting

have a great rest of your weekend


MamaMonki said...

I'm off to the library next week. That book just went on my list to look for. Gotta get some good reading material before the snow flies here. There's nothing like curling up under an afghan with a good book while the snow falls.