Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Bound, Binding Home!

We have been home bound this week.

due to an unpredictable sick tummy.

Not wanting to breath only indoor air for days, we venture out

Little Bear and I, into the snow.

Us two, having our own fun.
He, eating snow, stomping, flailing arms wildly.

Me, camera in hand, adjusting settings, 
fidgeting with ucky automated washing out flash.

Finally, finding the white balance button and adjusting to cloudy low light setting. 
Realizing writing, writing, writing has made for rusty photography.

Sauntering in snow delights him, sick tummy and all.

The snow catches on long eyelashes.
Click, click, click.

A firetruck rumbles by and we wonder- Daddy?

Being home bound has its own reward. 
It binds you to things of home- simple days, unrushed moments, snow play, camera playtime, 

kisses on still full and round baby bellies

exchanging funny faces.

Home bound, binding me home, binding me to moment life, simple and true.

A baby boy almost just a boy-boy decides when he's done.

When he's had just enough of snow, not pulled away by a schedule or a meal or a nap or a ride to somewhere he doesn't know he's going til he gets there,

he decides when it's time.

And time waits for it because we're home bound, grateful for a sick tummy giving us the gift of
binding us to home— 
to simple true moments that don't 
claim our minutes in devouring gulps, 
but draw them out, long and lovely. 
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Joybird said...

Brigetta, Little Bear is getting so big. Last time I saw him, he was still learning to walk. It's wild. Enjoy your time home with him. And I have to say I often enjoy just being home, myself.

Farmgirl Paints said...

He's such a doll. I think your pics were amazing! I have yet to play with white balance. It's there...I just haven't braved it yet:)

Brigetta's Mom said...

Love seeing him and hearing you, made me miss you all so much!

A New England Girl said...

Gorgeous photos! It looks like a lovely day, sick tummy and all.

Lissa said...

I was doing the exact same thing in the kitchen with the girls today. trying to take photos. adjusting the white balance, etc. Sometimes I miss my old point and shoot! Loving all the snow and you're adorable boy! HOpe you're all feeling fully better now!

MamaMonki said...

Adorable pictures and such a day to treasure. Hope you little bear feels better soon. But I'm glad you got to enjoy a special day together.

How in the world do you get him to keep his gloves on though? WeeMan refuses to leave them on and I've found myself contemplating duct tape.... (just kidding - I think) but I really am wondering.

Kathleen said...

I still have Jane with me throughout so much of my day, and just this week I was helping her into the car, laughing at her constant chattering, and thinking, "What would we do without Jane?" I bet you think the same thing over and over about the cutest little bear I have ever seen.