Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Catchy

Things are scattered about our home on a daily basis. 
Not placed in their belonging spot, but haphazardly abandoned in various locations.
Usually, this drives me bonkers.

But, today I noticed a particular item scattered about the house 
and instead of inciting my ire, it brought a smile of satisfaction. 

 This has been years in the making, 

years of pushing
and prodding

and bribing and brooding

but somewhere along the way

it worked

because there are excellent books dispersed

about my house

and I could really care less if they make to their rightful place on the shelf, 
as long as they make it into their rightful place in my children's minds and hearts. 

Reading is catchy as is apparently writing
because my oldest has caught the bug.
seriously, how cute is he!

I am warning you I am going to brag with great pride right here. 
Know that this comes after years of him hating reading and writing to my utter dismay. 

He recently won second place in the PTA Reflections competition

for a story he wrote about a boy who was once selfish and then changed when he realized a boy he went to school with was homeless. The boy left food for the family and then rallied the town to raise money to  pay rent on a home for the homeless family.

Can you just imagine how I was bursting!

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Joybird said...

Yeah Brigetta!
I'm thrilled with you. I think chidren and books are the best combo. BTW I told my mom about the summer book club your boys were in a few years ago and it inspired her to launch a book club for kids (well for all ages but primarily kids) at her church.

PBKISSES said...

Congratulations to your son AND you! Keep up the good work (both of you);)

donahugh43 said...

So proud of Mr. Luke, would love to read his story someday.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh I bet you were about to bust! Like mother like son;) My daughters love to read too. My oldest just finished hoot and is on to scat:) I used to read constantly...then blogging came along and the DVR. Shame on me. I need to just take a day here and there and enjoy what was once so great!

April said...

I just finished reading 'ROOM' a couple of days ago and it was really good...thanks for recommending it a while ago