Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THRIVE?— sounds good

On Friday, I picked up the boys and drove myself to the hospital.

I'd started out the day okay, but the chill that started the night before wouldn't leave.
I wandered through Target thinking - I have a fever. I need to get out of here. 
I drove home, put Little Bear down for a nap and camped out on the couch wearing my North Face coat and four blankets on top. The heater was cranked to 80 and I still couldn't get warm.
A headache, aches everywhere and back pain joined the party.
I felt like I was going to die. Really.

HH was working and I needed to pick up the kids. 
I did consider calling 911 and having him pick me up in the ambulance, but that would have been too embarrassing... for both of us. 

Instead, I picked them up and asked Mister Luke to drive.
Actually, I said- I wish you could drive.
And he replied- ME TOO!

I arrived at the hospital lab with four boys in tow and no wallet (meaning no ID and no insurance).
My bag was still in a cart in the Target parking lot due to my completely out of it-ness.

Thankfully, they took pity, tested me, called my doctor who called the pharmacy to get me some antibiotics. 
All before 5pm on a Friday.
We have a history of only needing doctors when all the offices are closed.

I spent the next three days on the couch alternating between chills and fever, gulping Advil and water.
The boys brought me blankets, smoothies, tea, and rubbed my hair.
They will make fantastic husbands some day.
Like their dad, who took over everything like a pro and even outdid me with his cooking. 

I knew I was going to live when I started doing the things-
you know
 wiping the counter
picking up socks
replacing a toy's arm
lining up boots.

And if you are wondering about my bag, some kind soul turned it into Target and HH drove down and picked it up. 
Nothing was touched. 

I truly did feel like my body was falling apart. 
I'm pretty sure it was a kidney infection.
And when you feel like your body is shutting down and then starts to heal, 


an Etsy package from one of your favorite bloggers 
is just what you need.
FYI- An Etsy store is an online shop that many bloggers have on their sites where they can sell all of the very cool and crafty and amazing things they make.
Lots of ladies are helping to support their families with their creativity in this way and I love it. 


This package came from Farmgirl Paints.
And for a girl who felt like she was wilting, this was just the word I needed.


It is a leather cuff to wear on my wrist.


I looked at it and said- exactly. That is it exactly.
She has many others with equally powerful words. 
You should check them out- nudge, nudge, grin.

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Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh girl that's a rough day. Sick AND leaving your purse in the cart...ugh! So glad you got the cuff. Sounded like just the thing to perk you up. Isn't thrive the best word to look at?? I love mine too:)