Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fort Spring Break

What do boys do when it's Spring Break
and it's raining 
and no road trips are on the horizon

and mother has banned all tv and video games and computer games?
They build a fort. 
A large bedroom fort.
With rooms that they name- Rowley, Relaxation, Shredder, and other hysterical names I can't recall right now.

And their mother smiles, thinking that maybe everything involving a screen should be banned for life, knowing that will never happen. 
But still.
A whole room fort.
That is pretty cool. 
And they tell me that sleeping in their fort is even cooler.


Joybird said...

There is nothing like a good fort. I still build them once in a while when I am babysitting.

Bekky said...

That is very cool! I watched our boys play for ages in the box that the new washing machine came in. They laughed more that I've heard them laugh at anything else!

Farmgirl Paints said...

i remember fort FUN! good for you mom making them be creative and not turning to screen time. love that!