Monday, May 2, 2011

The News of a Death...

The news of a death always brings sadness. So, how strange when it brings jubilation. The news last night Osama Bin Laden's demise resulted in streets flooding with celebration, posts of excitement on Facebook, and recollections of the terror he led up our nation.

For me, there was a sense of completion. Probably, much like how crime victims feel when their assailant is brought to justice. I clearly recall the moment I woke to the Today Show showing footage of two buildings falling, planes crashing into buildings and fields, hero's saying, "Let's roll." I recall holding Jackie Boy in my lap, just seven months old, and Mister Luke toddling around as I sat stunned in front of a screen. Our world had changed forever. This was a new kind of warfare; new to everyone in the world. There was no more semblance of fighting fair.

Those babies are now tall, shoulders broadening daily, and can discuss the news with me. Still, no matter how much explaining I do, they don't remember a world without a threat of terrorism. They don't know a world before the Sleeping Giant awoke to attack. They don't remember a world when it was incomprehensible that someone would use a passenger plane as a weapon against innocents.

Though probably more symbolic than preventative at this point, it feels like justice. Nearly ten years later... justice.


Brigetta's Mom said...

God Bless America. Big brother is watching after all, to keep us as safe as possible.

Farmgirl Paints said...

it doesn't seem possible. never really thought they'd ever find and kill him. hard to feel to too relieved and excited when you know retaliation and fury is coming.

been missing you girlie. did you happen to see krista's painting i did for her? it was a while back. turned out great.

Joybird said...

Yeah, my reaction has been quiet too. Somber, not joyous, just can't feel thrilled over a death. And I think his terrorist network has grown far beyond something that can be handled through one person. But I'm sad, both for the death and life of one who brought so much death and for the deaths of his victims.