Friday, July 15, 2011

Road Trippin It for State

I have always loved road trips. 
Every summer when I was little, our family would pack up whatever car we owned, usually an Oldsmobile, and head from California to South Dakota to see my grandparents. 

Driving through the midwest in the summer was always exciting. My favorite part was the thunderstorms and driving through wild weather. That, and stopping at strange tourist trap attractions that my dad was always good for. 

This weekend, we road tripped it to Lewistown, Montana with a bunch of families and the weather didn't disappoint. Crazy thunderstorm, sheets of rain, stopping on the side of the road to wait it out. 

But, we made it to Lewistown, Montana for the 11 year old State Championship Tournament.
There is a sign on our wall at home that reads, "We interrupt this family for baseball season." 
And it's pretty much true. But, it is a sport equally loved by all of us, so it works out. 
Funny thing is that I am scared of the ball, never played a team sport, but LOVE watching the game. 

Hottie Husband had changed his sport to football by the time we started dating in high school. So, I never got to watch him play his first love- baseball. Yesterday, I entered him in the dad's home run derby and finally got to watch him play a little bit. He hit seven out of ten out of the park and won. 
I loved it!

Here are all the kids trying to catch the dad's hits.

But, this is the guy we came to watch play. 

Our catcher. 
Mister Luke.

But, this guy likes to get in on the action too.

And HH's mom  and dad made the road trip out from Reno, NV to support the team too. 
They don't really like to ever miss a game. 

And here is our fearless bat boy

who sometimes like to monkey around.
We have a few more days here. 
Loving to play...
but hoping to win!


Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Looks like a GREAT time! We're pretty close to embarking on our own road trip. I can't wait! (Do you think we're sick in the head?)

Foursons said...

We have been on a similar road trip for the state championship. (They came in 2nd.) It was such an amazing time for the parents and the kids. Enjoy every minute and good luck!