Monday, May 14, 2012

My "I Love Lucy" Moment

A few weeks ago, the sun made an evening debut and we headed out as a family for a walk. We decided to take Destructo Dog  with us. She's often the neglected child because she can be such a pain.

 It was a Friday night and so thought we'd breeze by a neighborhood where many of our friends live to see if anyone was out on the street playing. We found some friends gathered at one house and they invited us up.

The only problem is that we had Destructo Dog (not her real name, but it should be) with us and at this house, they had no fence. Another friend, who lives just a few houses down, has a dog (A giant, beautiful black Newfoundland) and she has a fence. So, I said - Can I  just take Destructo Dog down to your house and the dogs can play? 

My friend Amy- Yes. I'll go with you.
Me-  No, I'm fine. I got it. It won't be hard.
Amy (looking unsure)- You sure?
Me- Yes. How hard could it be?

So, off I went down the block, severely underestimating my dogs psychosis. I put her in the back yard through a side gate. She started barking and whining and scratching at the gate. I figured she'd be okay once she could play with the Newfie and so went to let him out the back door. I followed him out and and noticed that DD had broken out of the fence and the Newfie followed her out. What proceeded was my "I Love Lucy" moment. You know, those moments when she would get herself into trouble and try unsuccessfully to fix it herself and then make a big mess in the process.

This is me looking like a crazy dog wrestler-

"Fix" fence by securing the little hook.

Chase Destructo Dog in circles in the front yard until she is back in the yard. 

Destructo Dog scratches at the fence and BREAKS the gate wide open. 

Chase her again in the front yard and tie her to their front porch post with the leash. I am fully expecting her to pull the post down and destroy the porch.

She is barking like a crazy dog!!!

I now have to get the Newfie back in the house. He wants to play ball and is running back and forth. I run in the house and grab some crackers and throw them at him to see if he'll come. He laughs at my silly crackers and runs away. 

I chase the Newfie and finally grab his collar with both hands on each side of his neck. He pulls back and we begin to dance errr wrestle in my friend's front yard. Now, this is one of those moments when I don't look up, that I'd rather not know who is watching. 
I finally drag him back in the house.

I'm now covered in dog slobber and dog hair and DD is still barking incessantly!!

I make a mistake. I want to wash my hands. I go back into the house and wash my hands.
Then, as I try to go back out the front door, the giant Newfie somehow "sneaks" by me and is back in the front yard. Hottie Husband and my friends make fun of me later... how could that giant dog "sneak?" Well, he did!!

So, it's back to dog wrestling and crazy barking dog tied to the porch. 
I am now laughing really hard at myself. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard, thinking of how confidently I told my friend I could handle it. It's nearly impossible to catch the Newfie because I am laughing so hard. I grab the collar again. He backs up and shakes his head back and forth, back and forth. 
Picture him shaking me back and forth with him. This dog is HUGE.

I finally get him back in the house. DD is still barking non-stop. 
Then, I see them. Hottie husband and my friend's own Hottie Husband. Two total cuties walking toward me and I'm crying still from laughing so hard. 
DD still barking like crazy... apparently I was gone too long and they could hear her. 

They are both like-You okay? What happened?

I say- I feel like I love Lucy... that was crazy!

And I tell the story, apologize about the gate, I am such a dork.

HH runs Destructo Dog home and we enjoy a great evening with friends, dancing to Dance Party 3 on the Wii! 

You ever feel like I love Lucy?

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Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh girl that is too funny. Every day is a Lucy moment for me. I swear I'm such a dingbat.

amyridgeway said...

Tears streaming down my face!! So funny. That Newfie needs some discipline! Xoxo!