Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nothing Gold Can Stay

My bridesmaids carried tulips at my wedding. 
They are my favorite- delicate, bright, classic.

Last fall, I planted tulip bulbs and few days ago 
I walked out to the back yard to watch Little Bear on the trampoline.
I had work to do so my laptop was in hand. 
I set it down on our patio table and walked toward a flash of red.
 It was the first bloom.

Please know I didn't make a big deal. I didn't jump up and down, exclaim anything or even bust out one of my loud laughs. 
I simply smiled at it and went to my computer.

Then, disaster.
Destructo Dog (who was nearly renamed recently due to her reformed behavior but I've now reconsidered) loped over from where she was and ATE the tulip. 
Just looked at it and bit the top off as if she knew I'd admired it. 

And I thought what I always think now in these situations- nothing gold can stay.
It's from a Robert Frost poem about how all beauty is only here for a moment.

Years ago, I would have been sad, angry, irritated. 
But now, I thought - Wow, stinker. I'm glad I got to see it though.

Four boys and dogs will do that to you. I've seen cherished items broken, couches ripped apart by puppies, dirt tracked over newly washed floors, cars turned into Pigpen, furniture scratched, new blouses puked on. 

At some point early in the years of family life, Robert Frost's words came to me and I would say out loud- nothing gold can stay. 
Sometimes through gritted teeth, but more often with a relaxed acceptance. 

If there is no malice or disrespect intended
 (and I don't know Destructo Dogs heart intent when eating my tulip)
then it's just material. 
It's just temporary anyway. 

Happy May Day!
I remember carrying basket of flowers to neighbors on this day as a little girl. 

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold, 
Her hardest hue to hold. 
Her early leaf's a flower; 
But only so an hour. 
Then leaf subsides to leaf. 
So Eden sank to grief, 
So dawn goes down to day. 
Nothing gold can stay. 


amyridgeway said...

Love this story. Love your outlook on life!

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

How true...
especially when children or dogs are involved.
And this to shall pass.
My Grandmother used to say "Never a dull moment" 8~)

Farmgirl Paints said...

eeek shame! i love tulips too. they are so fleeting though. almost easier to just buy a bunch at the store:) sorry.