Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Queen of All Mother Bears

My mother is like a force of nature when it comes to protecting her kids and now her grandkids. First of all, she is a beautiful red-head who commands your immediate attention when she enters a room. This is just merely with her presence. But when she speaks, especially in anger, people have no choice but to listen. 

This used to make me nervous when I was just a shy little girl hiding behind her leg. But now I see that I was blessed with the Queen of all Mother Bears. I remember her marching into my Junior High School to have it out with my cheerleading advisor who had reprimanded me for something that I no longer remember. What I will never forget is the feeling of great vindication that my mother believed in me and was willing to come to my rescue. The scene was not pretty. My mother is not one to people please and I am not sure if that advisor ever got a word in edgewise, but the issue, whatever it was, became a non-issue. I am sure that the woman did not ever want to see my mother again. This is one of many examples. The great thing about her is that she never cared a whit about what people might think, that they might not like her, or if they even thought she was crazy. It was more important for her to cover me and shield me with her great wings and allow me to hand over the problem to her.

I am not a force of nature like my mother. I tend to like to keep the waters calm and I am fabulous at making things comfortable. However, I have realized in the last few years that I am the only one who can be the Mother Bear for my kids (unless we take grandma along). I need to be willing to sacrifice looking like a nice person all the time and be willing to look a little crazy sometimes. Because ultimately, my children will be part of my life forever and everyone else along the way may not be. I think when we believe our children and trust them, it makes them want to be trustworthy.  I think when we protect and fight for them, they learn they are more valuable to us than anyone else. This doesn't mean we don't teach them how stand up for themselves; It just means that there are some situations where the Queen of all Mother Bears needs to come out. 


Anne Ericsson said...

My beautiful and loving daughter.
God gives us children that are our responsibility to direct in a way that they become loving good citizens of our country and in life. You, obviously have done a good job in this effort or Ty would not have had the comfort in talking to you about his "being so sick" when you sent him to school. First of all a child needs a safe haven and that is your family.
The fact that Ty expressed himself so eloquently at the age of 4 is wondrous to say the least... he is a special boy. He told me last week that the girls were running away when they saw him coming. In my grandma way I said "oh Ty, they just thing you are so cute & that girls just do that when they like a boy". He said NO! grandma they don't like me thats why they run.
I preceded to tell him when you are little the girls run from you, when you get bigger they run after you.
That's how life just turns around. Some days your up and some days your down.
All I can say is everyday life is an experience and a lesson in something. To me the lesson in this could be that some of the children in Ty's class need to learn about feelings and what it means when those feelings are hurt. It can make you "sick". Just maybe Ty is the person that was picked to be the implement for this lesson as hurtful as it is, to all of his family that loves him so. As you know if I could I would march into that class and teach the lesson myself, but....I will hold back and just write this email instead. Love, Mommy & Proud Grandma of Ty

Texan Oma and Pappa said...

Oh my goodness, I am still laughing so hard, one because your mom is on the speaker phone laughing so hard I am surprised she hasn't pee'd her pants...especially since she is already snorting. And secondly it was like reading a story about me. I was just telling your mom that the principle at the Elementary School where the boys went used to hide when I came into the school. She was so very afraid...and rightly so. That Mamma Bear Syndrome runs in the family thankfully and so glad to see it has been passed onto her daughters also!