Monday, March 2, 2009

My Armpits Are Brown

  I think that I officially want my body back. Although I know that this is my last time being pregnant and I will miss the stirring and kicking of this little life inside of me, this baby has taken over my entire body. I really shouldn't complain because, unlike many women, I have extremely easy pregnancies. But I am going to anyway. 
My belly is huge right now. People have started asking me, "are you sure there aren't twins in there?" and I have even gotten a few "there aren't eight in there, are there?" This, of course, due to the Octomom. But still, come on people. I still have five weeks left. I am waddling like a duck and it nearly takes a crane to get me off of the couch. Luckily, Jason is strong enough to pull me up. I also have the very predictable problem of not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position and when I cough or sneeze, well........ I just can't make it to the potty fast enough.
 But now, this baby has taken over a part of my body that I never would have suspected- MY ARMPITS! For about three weeks I kept showering, doing my normal routine which includes shaving my pits and then getting out and putting on deodorant. At this point, I would look at my armpits and think,  "I have a five o'clock shadow under there. I need to buy a new razor." Until one day, Jason was in the bathroom with me when I lifted my arms and he said, "Let me see that. Put your arms up again." Then he said, "Wow, that's sexy." I was like,  "What the five o'clock shadow!" He said, "No, they are brown like the line on your belly." He was of course referring to the Linea Negra (this is the technical term), the brown line that goes down the center of my belly when I am pregnant. I actually don't know how many other people get this. There is also the "mask of pregnancy" which is brown spots on my forehead and cheeks. So this pregnancy pigment change has also gone to my armpits. Well, at least they aren't hairy. And at least my husband thinks it is sexy. He wasn't being sarcastic!
So I wonder what is next. My nose normally swells up to the point where I think I need a nose job, but I think it isn't as bad this pregnancy. This could be wishful thinking though. Maybe my ears will swell or turn brown- I think this is the only thing left for this pregnancy to mess with.

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Anne Ericsson said...

Oh My God...I am laughing so hard tears are falling!!! Thank you for the laughter you have created in this insane economical time in history. They (whoever they are) say "laughter is the best medicine" so thanks for my dose this morning my precious daughter.

Love You Mom