Friday, March 13, 2009

Adventures with Boys

It's a minimum day. Very pregnant me and five boys ages- 4,8,9,12 and 12(my sister's twins) walk into this new place in town called the "Golf and Grill." From the name, you would think hamburgers, hot dogs, fries. But no, this place has Mongolian Barbecue-yummy! Yes, we turn heads as we walk into the restaurant. Sadly, heads turn not for the reason that they used to. I know people think I'm crazy. I want a sign around my neck that says, "They aren't all mine." Honestly, I really don't care what people think. 

Upstairs, they have Mongolian barbecue, frozen yogurt, pizza and espresso. They didn't want to leave anything out that someone might want. It 's kind of like the restaurants that combine Chinese food and doughnuts- strange! Downstairs they have a small nine hole miniature golf course. The kids think that this is the greatest thing. 

So we start out upstairs and I buy bowls for each child, except Ty. I will share with him.  You have to go through the line and pick out your ingredients (smash the meat down so you get more) and then they cook it all for you and add some noodles. I am at the back of the line and I'm filling my bowl. I look over at the boys' bowls to see how they are doing. First, they have spilled many toppings on the counter. I ask for a napkin and clean it up. Second, I notice a large heaping of something red on top of Jack's (8) bowl. I walk up and realize it is chili sauce. He has put like six heaping spoonfuls on. I explain to him that it is extremely spicy. The cook gets a spoon and scoops as much as he can off of it. I then get a napkin and try to get the rest off. I look over at Chase's (12) bowl. He has about three heaping spoonfuls on his. I say, "Do you like it really spicy?" He reassures me that he does. I look doubtful and so does the cook, but he is twelve and his dad likes spicy food so I give him the benefit of the doubt. A large group of people come in and stand in line behind us. I send the boys outside with their food and drinks. 

While I wait for my food to cook, Ty comes back in with a large empty cup. "Mom, I spiwwed my wemonade.... and its dwipping." I take the cup, "Okay, I'll be out in a minute." A woman says to me, "Can I help you?" I smile and say, "No thanks." I go outside and indeed the lemonade is everywhere on the patio, dwipping off the chair and over the edge, down to the golf course. I put the chair to the side and get him a new one. I sit down to eat and look up at Chase and Jack. They are drinking their drinks like there is no tomorrow and look miserable. "Too spicy?" I say. They both nod their heads. Their mouths are burning and they have chapped lips so their lips are on fire. This was not a cheap meal and now I am slightly irritated, but I don't say anything- natural consequences. Chase goes up and tells the owner that their food is too spicy. He graciously brings out two pieces of pizza for the boys. I see his eyes go to the spilled lemonade. I had planned on telling him about it, but they'd looked so busy. "Sorry about that, " I say and smile. He is very kind and brings back a mop and puts up a yellow caution sign. I wonder if it has a double meaning.

As Wes, Luke and I eat, we notice that our food is spicier than usual. Our mouths are burning a little bit too. Jack and Chase's were cooked first and it seems we got remnants of chili sauce in ours. It is still good. The boys finish up. Chase heads in to refill his coke and comes back out to the table. He picks up some trash and then the grand finale- his newly filled cup flies into the air and crashes on the chair, spilling in the exact same spot the lemonade had minutes earlier. This time it hits the caution sign on its way to the floor. I say, "Chase, go get the mop." We now know where it is. Chase cheerfully mops it up. The owner sees him and says, "Kid, what are you doing?" I explain what happened and joke that maybe Chase can get a job. He makes some comment about it being Friday, the 13th. Now, I am not superstitious, but I do believe in the havoc boys can wreak when they come in numbers. I ask if I can keep the caution sign.

They golf with no further incident.

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