Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crazy Dog- Running in Circles!

This is how I feel sometimes when I have a million things to do...    like I am running around in circles like a maniac. 

She normally does get in trouble for this, but believe me it doesn't stop her. Do you think she might need someone to take her for a walk?

Please excuse the Darth Vader breathing in the background. It's not me! Really, it's some pregnant lady that has taken over my life.


Kelly's Ideas said...

I think all moms feel like they are running in circles at some point in the day, week, month. I'm just thankful that God keeps us from falling down... Love love your dog! Blessing to you.

Marcela Beatty said...

OMG! I am not alone! I have 2 German Shepherds at home that can be as hyper as can be sometimes. I will be back more often. There is nothing like another dog mommy for support(:

.. and I feel the same way.. running in circles.