Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mommy's Day at Preschool

This is a picture of me and Ty at "Mommy's Day" at preschool. We were playing doctor. He put the stethoscope up to my tummy and said, "I hear the baby's heart beat." It was so precious. Then he found some scissors in the doctor kit and said, " The baby said it is time to come out" and performed his first c-section. Thankfully, the scissors were plastic.

An update for those following Ty's preschool situation. A few weeks ago after leaving the school in tears (me not him), Jason and I decided to pull him out for a week to see if the situation improved. This ended up being a great decision. The teacher stopped the girls from yelling "Ty is coming" when they saw him and his friends have been treating him much better.  He loves school and loves his friends. If things had not improved, I was thinking of changing classes, but I am so glad it did not come down to that. 

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