Thursday, March 26, 2009

Praying for Stellan

I have put a button on my blog in the top right corner about a four month old little boy named Stellan who is hospitalized right now. His mother writes one of the blogs I love and he is currently experiencing SVT which is a very rapid heart rhythm. It is very dangerous and they are trying to find the right mixture of medications to get his heart into a normal rhythm.  If you feel led, please join me in praying for this little guy to be healed and strength for his family. To read Stellan's full story, just click on the button with his picture. 

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Mrs. Chief said...

So glad to see you supporting Jen. Did you hear, that she was interviewed today so go to KSTP channel 5 web site. i think it airs tonight at 10 her time....which is really late my are you expecting another boy this time around???:-)