Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Week to Go!- But who's counting?

So this should be one of my deep posts about a new life coming in one week or something like that, but I am feeling a little selfish today. I am feeling a little ugly, even though all of these lovely people keep telling me I look great. NOT FEELING IT PEOPLE! And, sorry, but I don't really believe you. I think that is just exactly what you should say to someone about to give birth.  I like hearing it so keep it coming, but I don't believe a word of it. 

I am not one of those people who likes to have a tan face. I took this picture of myself so you can see the "mask of pregnancy" or the dark splotches all over my face. It has been like the blob the past few weeks, slowly taking over my face. Oh, and don't ignore the little pimples.

My legs are usually one of my best features according to my dear friend Heather. However, this is no longer the case. My knees are disappearing. They are full of a lot of water. I can make dents on my shin bone- deep dents. By the way, this is not an easy picture to take of yourself. 

I want someone to pop me and let the air or water out. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just deflate into our skinny selves? 
To make things worse, my husband is still really cute. He has not gained a pound. In fact, he has lost weight which has caused me, for the first time, to outweigh him. He runs like nine miles or something crazy, rides his mountain bike to the top of Mount Everest each week and swims. He likes to do triathlons. So he looks really good. 

This is a little disconcerting when I feel like a giant round, waddling discolored blah! He got stung by a bee the other day which gave him slight swelling and redness on his head. Poor him!
This photos below was a part of my remedy. I got my toes painted a bright color. At least my toes look cute. I also got my hair colored and cut. A girls gotta do what she can.
And for the record, my husband always makes me feel beautiful even if I don't always believe him either. 

One week to go and I am looking forward to it mostly to meet our precious child, but also for many other selfish reasons. Forgive me!!


Kathleen said...

Hilarious! You actually sound like Krista in this one ("I am sorry, but I don't believe you..") Pure honesty. I know KP will read this, but she's tough.
I have loved reading your posts! I especially enjoyed the "Miracles" one. I tried to retell your story of the post office to Trent and almost started to cry. How loving is God to give you such a nudge in such a time of doubt. Beatiful.
Love the mask of pregnancy as well. It is a war wound. Be proud. Mine went all dark on my upper lip, so I looked like a bloated Hitler with big boobs.

Buddy and Krista said...

Okay, I do NOT need to be called KP. That was from my Kappa days and we need not bring those days up. And hmmm, maybe I should tell my new German friends that you looked like Hitler with big boobs--think they'd laugh? I certainly am right now :) :) :) Aunt B, you are hysterical. If you think your knees are bad want me to post mine? No comments, Katie, no comments.

Lena said...

my name is Lena and I have 3 little girls... so i am crossing my fingers for you to have a little girl as well....;-)) only a week left before you have this baby?? how exciting! wish you the best, God bless, may it all go well!

Suburban Turmoil said...

You are brave to post pictures of yourself. I remember the last few weeks of my pregnancy. ROUGH. :) Also, my husband went on Atkins when I was 8 months pregnant and lost 15 pounds! I wanted to kill him!

You'll be back to normal in no time. Good luck with the delivery!