Friday, April 3, 2009

Ty's Style Update #3

Can you believe this little firefighter is going to be a big brother in less than a week? I think he likes being the baby of the family so I am hoping he does okay adjusting to having someone else take that spot. 

I just asked him what he thinks about being a big brother and he said, "I get to carry the baby." I might have to change that to "hold" as "carry" implies that he would be walking around. He says he thinks it is a boy and he wants to name it Max. 

Ty says that he is putting out the fire in the picture above. Serious business!
This handsome little chief was snuggling in bed with me this morning and I was worrying about his middle of the night sneaks into our bedroom. It might have to stop once we have the baby because he is always right next to me and there is no room. I'm trying to think of the best way to approach it with him. I probably should have addressed it sooner, but ... I didn't!


Lena said...

i like the outfit, makes me want to have a little boy as well, but so far i only have 3 little girls. which is nice as well, they dress up as cinderella or some other imaginary girly things (oh my oldest wants to be a bride, so her prince can kiss her):-)

Kelly's Ideas said...

I still love my morning snuggles with my girls. They are 11 and 13 now but sometimes they will jump in bed with me and we'll snuggle.. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your newest family member when she/he makes their debut. God be with you and yours.