Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blankets for Hope- A Giveaway

My mother is amazing with a crochet hook. She makes the most beautiful blankets. She is one of those women who will undo the whole blanket if she spots a mistake she made somewhere in the beginning. She also quilts and sews and knits. I remember her doing macrame when I was little too. I do not have this talent. I am a pretty patient person in most circumstances, but when it comes to things like tangled hoses, tangled bobbins and tangled slinkys, I am not your girl. I guess that I just don't do well with tangles. In this case, it is probably good I didn't have a girl because at some point, I am sure tangled hair would have entered the picture.

When I had my baby, my mother came to the hospital with two blankets, one blue and one pink. This is the pink one.

This is what I am now calling the first of the "Blankets for Hope." I asked my mom if she would be okay with me giving this one away. She said she loved the idea. 

After seeing so many babies who are fighting for their very lives on many blogs, I got to thinking that it would be great to be able to use these blankets to help sick babies. So, I asked her if she would be interested in selling her blankets to help raise money for a charity called, Newborns in Need. This organization is a 501(c)3 charity organized to take care of sick and needy babies and their families. She loved that idea too! 

I am excited to be able to help this charity love the littlest ones in our society. More news on this coming soon. 

In the meantime, for the month of May, each time you leave a comment on my blog, you will be entered to win this beautiful pink blanket. It will come with a woven label that says,"Blankets for Hope." If you win, you may keep it, give it to a baby you know, or take it to a local hospital to donate to a baby in need. 

The name will  be drawn on May 31st.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea, and the blanket is beautiful!

Liz said...

I got little people bumps (goose bumps) from this post. What a great idea! And the blanket really is beautiful. Your mother is quite talented. Awesome!

Buddy and Krista said...

wonderful idea, dearest friend. and i'm commenting just b/c i think it's a great idea, not b/c i'm trying to win the blanket :) ha ha

lauren said...

How wonderful and thoughtful for you and your mother to give to others so lovingly. God bless you both! A beautiful blanket indeed!

ashley singh said...

Oh! what a wonderful idea!! Your mother is VERY talented!