Monday, May 4, 2009

My Blue Shirt

Today I made my first big trip to the market. I had put it off as long as I could. The cupboards were looking pretty bare, the fruit bowl was empty and I couldn't even make a lunch this morning for the kids so it really was time to go. Poor Luke had to eat cafeteria food today. He loathes cafeteria food. I'm sure I'll hear about it later.

After giving myself a pep talk in the parking lot, convincing myself that the baby would not start crying mid-shopping, I put Vance in my Maya Wrap Sling. This is one of my new favorite things. I will write more about in another post as soon as I can get someone to take a picture of me with it on. Anyhoo, Vance was asleep and continued to sleep as I transferred him into the sling- Hallelujah!

We shopped without incident. I even actually remembered to be a good EARTHling and bring in my reusable bags. The only minor annoyance I encountered was the soup aisle. I needed a can of Cream of Mushroom soup. They had a giant can of it- I did not want a giant can. They had the Healthy Request version and the low sodium version, but not the normal, plain Campbell's, great for all casserole recipes, Cream of Mushroom soup. So, I had to settle for a mix of Cream of Chicken and Mushroom soup. Ugggh!

I then ran into a friend of mine who also has four kids. I was telling her that I was kind of dreading coming into the market and her son perked up and said, "But it is the SUPERmarket." The way he said it made it sound like it was the greatest place on Earth. Super! Definitely not SOUP-er so far, but okay, I would try to have his outlook. It really was SUPER- I could even buy the stamps I needed in this place.

You are wondering what is up with the "My Blue Shirt" title by now. Well, here it is. We make it out of the market and to the car with only mild whimpering. While Vito puts the groceries in the back of my SUV( on top of all of the baseball equipment that never got taken out and the stroller), I take Vance out of the sling. His eyes are open and I say, "You were sooooo gooood for mommy." He promptly projectile spits up in four strategically placed spots on my favorite blue shirt. There is a large chunky spit up spot on my right shoulder, right boob, belly button, and the lower left edge of the shirt. Like a Miss Mommy America Banner in spit up.

I realize that this is not the first time that Vance has abused this shirt. The other night I was giving him a bath in the kitchen sink. I got the water to the perfect temperature, the towels and washcloth ready, undressed him and held him for a second while I got the towel in the sink in the right position. You guessed it- a very warm current ran down the front of my blue shirt. The big boys were already in bed, J. was in the shower, and I wasn't about to start this bath process all over. So I removed the blue shirt, stood at the sink in my bra and finished the bath, hoping the whole time that nobody would "show up" at my door.

I looked at the shirt today more closely after this second abuse. It is looking like it is a bit stretched out, there is a small hole and the beginning of pit stains. Maybe my boy here is just trying to help me out.

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Lena said...

yep, thats my baby there, spitting on all my shirts, she even gets it that it runs down my favorite pants, that i just took out the dryer. this third child of mine even has a nickname "the spitfire", she throws up after each feeding, and nothing i do helps... lucky me? :)