Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Case of the Mysterious Spots on the Wall

I was in the bathroom the other day and noticed some spots on the wall right next to the toilet. I was like, "What are those?"

So, I looked a little closer. It looked like someone had wiped something on the wall in multiple places.

So I looked even closer. Oh, my! I think they are BOOGERS. Someone is sitting on the pot and 

picking their nose and wiping their boogers on the wall. I know the photos are not that clear, but do you really want to see the boogers close up? Believe me- they were there.

So, I went and checked the other bathrooms and lo and behold, there are boogers on the walls there too. GROSS! It is soooo not okay (do I sound like a California girl?) that I not only have boys with bad aim into the toilets, but now I also have dried boogers on my walls!!!!

The thing that really gets me is that there is toilet paper right there to put the booger into. I mean, take a look at the proximity of the TP to the boogers in that first photo.

I know that nobody is going to admit to it and so that nobody is tempted to lie, I get all the boys together and do a group lesson about what to do with our boogers. I cleverly point out how handy the toilet paper is when we are faced with a booger situation while we are on the toilet.

Now, I know from the start exactly who the culprit is but I will not out him to his brothers or to you to preserve what is left of his dignity. 

I have learned something from this "Case of the Booger Wiper." I have learned that dried up boogers are extremely hard to remove from walls- sort of like trying to scrub dried oatmeal out of a bowl. 


Kathleen said...

That is hilarious! Maybe a magazine rack with age appropriate reading would distract him from the booger wiping... or not. Digging has its own satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

I had a cousin who used to do this, so annoying! I hope they stop doing this, if not, just make them clean it off the wall themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog~ So this is what I have to look forward to with my sons! Have a great weekend.

Scrappy Girl said...

LOL...I was blog surfing while eating breakfast...gag...gag...gag! That is so terrible it cracked me up! Great blog!

Misty Rice said...

Gag!!! But funny...... I would have been all over that too. That is SO NOT OKAY.



midwest mama said...

I couldn't stop laughing, this is so exactly like my boys (and I had the exact same reaction about the proximity of the toilet paper)...better check your carpets, the wall next to the bed and the backseat of your car too:-)