Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A few days ago, as I sat at my computer, I happened to glance out the back sliding glass door and saw this....               with a dog in the middle of it.

My heart started racing. You see, this wasn't the first time I had seen this kind of destruction. 
I had once ordered a digital photo album from Apple and found it chewed to pieces in the back yard. 

Another time, I looked out to see tighty whiteys and socks strewn about the yard in the midst of torn up packaging. Then, when I looked closer I found chewed up hiking boots and a birthday card. The hiking boots were Luke's birthday present. Luke had told his Grammy that he didn't know what he wanted for his birthday so she had said she would just send him socks and underwear. Thus, the strewn socks and undies about my yard. Did I mention that they were all soaking wet from the sprinklers?

And now I was looking out at a torn up package. AGAIN! Why, you may ask, do packages end up in our back yard? Well, I think that is a very, very, very good question. You see, we have a big front porch. A perfect place to put packages. We also have a small back door with a stoop, another fabulous place to put packages. Then, why do the Fed-Ex man and the mail carrier feel the need to throw the packages over the fence?

Could it be this frightening beast? I picture the mail carrier slowly approaching the house as if it is some haunted mansion, perhaps something like Boo Radley's. Then hearing a startling noise, he panics and chucks the package over the fence and runs- screaming, arms waving, away from the house.

When I see the mess, my mind starts to race- what did I order? The baby's announcements already arrived safely. Oh, the books. I had ordered a Boy's Devotional to read to the boys.

It escaped with minor damage. Just that small bite mark in the corner. I had also ordered a Bible as a gift for my niece for her 16th birthday. It escapes unscathed-barely! It had come in a nice box. The top of the box was destroyed. When I caught Destructo Dog, she was just biting into the bottom of the box.

See the bite marks! Ughhh! Then I look at the back of the box.

It says Real Life- Life is Messy! 

Yes, it certainly is. 


Buddy and Krista said...

that was hysterical--i liked the visual image of the Boo Radley house and the delivery guy running away waving his arms...awesome...great pics paparazzi of you...or like a dectective, taking pics of all the are sooo funny!!!!!! love it, friend. when r u coming to visit btw? i miss my pal :)

Nancy said...

Thats hysterical! I must use that in a novel. The poor heroine cannot get her mail delivered properly...

glad the books were minimally damaged. Life is messy indeed.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh that little stinker! Shame on her!!