Thursday, May 14, 2009

She's Sixteen

She's sixteen and her heart is broken.

I want to tell her it is temporary, that someday it won't hurt so bad.

I want to tell her that it is okay that she won't quite ever let herself get that close to a boy again, that some part of her heart she will always guard.

I want to tell her that he didn't make her whole, because it is impossible for a person to make another person whole.

I want her to know that people are fallible and so they will always fail you. There is only One who won't leave, won't hurt you, won't fail you.

I want to tell her that there is only One who can fill that hole. Only One who can complete her and He is not of this world.

I want her to see it from my perspective, at my age, if just for a moment.

I want her to know she is beautiful and strong and kind and that he is just a lost boy right now.

I want her to know it is for the good.

But, she hurts and I remember that kind of hurt. That deep well of pain when you are a teenager and your world is all right in front of you. And it is crashing.

I want her to lift her head, let go, be healed and move on.


she's sixteen and her heart is broken.


jennifer Dennis said...

That is beautifully written. I'm so sorry for the broken heart
I too remember that feeling.
This is me Jen I tired to change funky #

Anonymous said...

Thank God she's surrounded by so many people who love her, and so many amazing examples of strength and self worth.

You once again touched my heart B....