Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Get a Four Year Old Out of Your Bed

Before the baby was born, Ty would sneak into our bed every night around 3am. It didn't bother us. He likes to snuggle. But, when the baby came home, it made it hard because I was getting up in the middle of the night and the bed (even though it is a king) just wasn't big enough. Plus, did I mention he likes to snuggle? I mean, like right next to me.

We knew he needed to stay in his own bed, but didn't want him to feel like he was getting the boot because of the new baby. I mean, that could cause some serious resentment and we want him to like his baby brother. 

So, we tried to think of some reward. With Luke, we used to give him a quarter to put in a jar for every night he stayed in his own bed. But, that boy loves money. Ty would give you all of his money in second so we knew that wouldn't work for him. 

But what does he absolutely love?


So, we made a chart with 10 boxes. Each night he stayed all night in his own bed, he got a star.We didn't mention anything about the baby.  At first, he kept saying, "I got a staw mom, now can I get my costume?" We would also wake up in the middle of the night and notice that the hall light  was on. He was trying to be so strong. Instead of coming in our bed, he was turning on the light to help himself cope. So, we put a night light in his room. He liked that.

After 10 stars, he got to go with dad and buy this...
This is apparently the pose that Storm Troopers strike!
Now,we have 15 boxes and he's working toward a pirate costume. But, I think it has become a habit to sleep all night in his own bed because he forgets to remind me to put a star in the box and hasn't even mentioned the pirate costume in over a week.

Go Ty!


Farmgirl Paints said...

What a great idea! You sound like such a good mama...very inventive.

Alisa said...

Whatever works right? We did every three nights Tyler slept in his bed, he would get a new power ranger toy. Mind you he was 4 at the time and still sleeping with us. After a week though, he was good to go and had a couple new toys to play with =).